MBBS in Turkey in 2019 – All Questions Answered

Turkey is one of the places where education is affordable regarding all the disciplines. The fees are low, there are many universities which are state funded. Getting visa for studying in Turkey is also not difficult. When it comes to language people can learn Turkish as the majority of universities offer courses in Turkish and the usual communication purposes are also done in Turkish so it is recommended to go for Turkish if you are thinking of going to Turkey. There are some universities which offer their courses in English so in order to enroll in those courses it is important to first apply for IELTS which is an English proficiency test. Turkey allows the students to work in their part-time. The state also allows the students to apply for PR when they have finished their studies.

How to Apply to a University for MBBS  in Turkey in 2019

The enrollment starts from the October for MBBS. Students can sign up from the official websites of the universities which they want to apply in. Students should have all the required documents which are the following.

  1. Passport First Page Scan.
  2. One passport size photograph (white background without edit the photo).
  3. Educational Documents certificate Scans (10th class & 12th Class).
  4. Deposit of Registration and Entrance Exam Fee, which is refundable in case the student does not get enrolled in.

When you have applied then the students have to wait for the announcement of entrance exams in their home country. If you have passed the entrance exams then your process will move on to the next step which is the VISA process. For that students have to do the following.

  1. Students will have to pay tuition fee directly to the university.
  2. Students will bear DHL and other above-mentioned charges
  3. Personal bank statement for the students should be at least Rs. 10 LAC (Pakistani).
  4. Students will obtain a visa letter from the embassy.
  5. Students will then pay our balance consultancy fee.

When all of these stages are done successfully then the students have to wait for the VISA. When the students will get the VISA then they can simply buy the ticket and join the classes.

Why to Apply for MBBS in Turkey in 2019

MBBS around the world varies when it comes to completion of the courses in a specific time, the amount of training done for the students and the quality of it does affect the making of the future doctors. This is why Turkey is a country where students can get quality education regarding their subject which in this case is medical. Along with the education, training is also a part of the education which is given to the students which are the reason the course takes about 6 years to complete. The universities are also flexible when it comes to students working in their part-time to support themselves financially. The environment where the universities are located also play a huge role in the development of students. Turkey offers the best places in terms of good lifestyle which is also attracted by many tourists from around the world. All the facilities are provided by the state to the people living in Turkey so there is no problem in worrying about the lack of facilities. This is why it is good to study in a place where the students can easily study and also work part-time.

Expenses Detail for MBBS in Turkey in 2019

The fees for the first year which will include the following things.

  1. Admission fee along with the Registration and Entrance Exam Fee is about 260 Euros which is non-refundable.
  2. 1st semester Fee which is for six months is 165 Euros which the students have to pay to the university.
  3. The DHL, Translation and Visa fee charges will be total of, equivalent to PK Rs 32,000 which the students have to pay themselves.
  4. The Health Insurance charges are about PK Rs. 5500 which is also paid by the students.
  5. Total Consultancy Fee after including the Visa fees is about PK Rs 50,000.
  6. Total Cost without including the Ticket price is about PK Rs 180,000.

If you as a student has obtained a scholarship from some program then the tuition fee will be exempted. The scholarship is awarded by some third party programs operating in Turkey which offers different kinds of scholarships to the students.

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