How a Linesville Vacation Rental is better than Booking a Hotel

Linesville is a Crawford County borough with just a little over 1,000 inhabitants. It’s six hours northwest of Philadelphia, and if you did not hear about this little gem until today, you’re not alone. 

However, you may be surprised to know that Linesville vacation rentals and hotels are almost always fully booked throughout the year, thanks to the Linesville Spillway, an attraction inside the Pymatuning State Park just off the bridge in Pymatuning Reservoir. 

The spot also has a nice little slogan, “Where the ducks walk on the fish.” People are lining up to see for themselves how ducks can do just that.

But if you’re making the trip to unravel the mystery, would Linesville vacation rentals be the better option instead of hotels?

Linesville Vacation Rental is better than Booking a Hotel

Here are multiple reasons why you should leave tradition and consider booking a rental home:

  • Vacation rentals are more affordable than hotels. You can expect to pay half the price per square foot when you book a vacation rental compared to a hotel. That is because you’re also paying for help in the hotel, and it’s an expense that you may never use during your stay there. Since they are more affordable, you can stay longer in a rental compared to a hotel. 
  • You get plenty of space. On average, you have more than 1,000 square footage of space in a vacation rental. Meanwhile, hotels have an average area of 330 square feet. It would be a tight squeeze for a large family, and you would be forced to book two or three rooms, which further pushes up the budget. In the same vein, you have a whole backyard for your kids to play in when you go with vacation rentals. 
  • You have more freedom. A vacation rental is an extension of your home, which means you’re free to continue with your routines. You do not have to conform to the rules and schedules of the hotel. For instance, you’re not forced to wake up your kids at 6 am to avail of the free breakfast served by the hotel; the kids can continue to eat their favorite food when they want. 
  • Proximity. For the most part, farmhouse rentals are near tourist attraction sites. You do not have to drive far to visit The Spillway. In some instances, the destination is just a walking distance away. 
  • Privacy. When you book a vacation rental, an online transaction is possible. You do not even have to see the landlord up until they turn over the keys and give you a house tour. You have the rental all to yourself, and you would not bump into other people while you’re staying at the house. 

Another way you can save with vacation rentals is when you cook your food. Do not spend money eating out in restaurants or the hotel cafeteria. You can make better use of your money to extend the duration of your stay or for shopping, which is always something to look forward to on any trip.

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