Metal Detectors, An Essential Tool In Our Everyday Lives

Metal detectors are a favorite tool for many industries in their operations. It plays a vital role in fulfilling many tasks, whether, it be in the military, industrial, manufacturing, and mining industries. The important role that it plays is not limited to detecting metals, as it is called. 

In this article, we will learn more about some of the applications that this tool is popularly used for.

Industries That Use Metal Detectors In Their Operation

Mining Industry

The mining industry is heavily reliant on the use of metal detectors in their operation. In the initial part of mining, metal detectors are used, when they are surveying the land for possible metal deposits. They used hi-tech metal detectors, to be able to detect the presence of valuable metals underground, such as gold, nickel, chrome, and many more. 

Treasure Hunting

Another usage of metal detectors are in the treasure hunting industry. Here, treasure hunters invested in heavy-duty and modern metal detectors that can detect metals buried even underwater and deep below the surface.


The military has long been using metal detectors to search from mines buried underground, to secure their infantry personnel.  

Food Distribution

Food distribution companies use these tools to detect possible deadly weapons, upon entry to their premises. They equipped their security guards with this tool.


The same with malls, they are using metal detectors for safety and security purposes. They also equipped their security personnel with such tools.


Cinemas have long been using this tool for security purposes. They want to make sure, that nobody can get in with guns and bladed weapons.


The police force of any country are using metal detectors as a tool for search and rescue purposes. They used this tool to search for evidence, that is hidden and they also use this tool, to check vehicles for possible bombs.

Security Personnel

Every establishment, restaurants, and recreation centers are using these tools to secure the place. Usually, security personnel at the entrance are equipped with metal detectors, to check the bags of visitors to the building. 


Metal detectors come in different shapes and sizes. There is a metal detector for every purpose and knowing the task ahead is crucial, to be able to choose the right metal detector that you need. By being specific with what you need, you can save money, because, you can’t buy a metal detector, that is more than what is needed.


Metal Detecting In The Beach


Many people love to experience the fun and the thrill of treasure hunting. The best thing to experience is to buy a metal detector and make sure that, you will buy the kind that will suit your needs. In this case, we will try to focus on metal detectors that can be used in the water. It could be waterproof or water-resistant. To learn more about this, you can visit the website.

How To Choose The Best Metal Detectors For Beach Use

A Good Ground Balance

Looking for metals on the beach is harder than you think of. It is because of the many metallic objects that are buried beneath the seafloor and also the composition of the sea, which includes minerals. Metal detectors with a good ground balance will help you to focus on more valuable objects, rather than being disturbed by unlikely trash, such as cans and another object with no value at all.

An Effective Pulse Indicator

This is another feature that will enable the user to accurately identify valuable finds.Metal detectors in this category are usually fitted with either PI or VLF indicators. The downside of having fitted with these indicators is the fact, that it commands a higher price.

Flexible Frequency

These features will enable you to handle different frequency in looking for things, both in dry land and in water.   

Choose A Waterproof Detector

Metal detectors are best waterproof when used on the beach. Some of the detectors are labeled as water-resistant. The label indicates that the detector is usable in rainy conditions and it can handle a little splash of water. But, using it completely on the beach, you must get the waterproof detector. This label indicates that the detector can be submerged in water at a certain depth. This may cost you higher than the standard detector.

The Right Coil Size

Coils are important in choosing the metal detector. You need to determine your metal detecting usage. If, you plan to go for deeper water, go for the bigger coil. But, if your intention is only to go for shallower waters, but has plenty of metallic objects, go for the smaller coil. Small coils are more accurate in pinpointing targets.

Useful Accessories

Hunting for objects on the beach will require you to bring some accessories. Most needed are a pair of headphones and a sand scooper. Sand scooper is used to scoop sands when you want to dig on something. Headphones are used to aid in detection, as the beach is sometimes noisy, with many seagulls nearby and to add to that, the noise of the waves bouncing back and forth.


Hope this information will be of great help to you and your kids.    




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