Weed Strains Perfect for a Solo Halloween Spectacular

The CDC has officially announced that celebrating Halloween in the time of coronavirus is a very, very bad idea. The poor ventilation of haunted houses, the close proximity of costume parties and the exchange of potentially contaminated goods via trick-or-treating all increase the chances of spreading the virus and upping the rates of disease and death.

Fortunately, just because you can’t dress up like Tiger King and dance to the Monster Mash in a crowded room doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the spookiest of holidays. In fact, one of the most classic ways to enjoy Halloween is to get high at home and terrify yourself with bumps in the night. To that end, here are a few of the best weed strains to keep you company throughout the spooky season, but especially on All Hallows Eve itself.

Durban Poison

Almost every budtender agrees: Durban Poison was bred for use on Halloween. This widely available strain is a landrace sativa from South Africa coveted for its intense head high. The cerebral effects of Durban Poison include an incredible burst of energy and creativity that don’t quite lead to psychedelic visuals or hallucinations. As a result, this strain is the perfect pairing for a night of horror movies, when you don’t need drugs to add any additional spooks and scares but you do want to relax and feel good.


We do not recommend dropping actual LSD this Halloween — but you might dose yourself with the LSD weed strain. Appropriately named, this perfectly balanced hybrid is intensely psychedelic, not only in the brilliant color of its bud but also in its vivid visuals and intense euphoria. Admittedly, LSD is not hallucinogenic (unless you overdose) but the conflicting sensations of drowsiness and exhilaration creates an intriguing high. For some, that clash in effects is frightening, which might be something worth experiencing on All Hallows Eve.

Girl Scout Cookies

Since the strains named for candy bars aren’t particularly well-liked (or widely attainable) the best replacement is the beloved strain Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Another balanced hybrid, GSC has Durban Poison genetics mixed with OG Kush, making it a great strain descended from great strains. Like its predecessors, GSC has high THC content, providing a strong head high that mostly manifests as delightful euphoria. With a minty, chocolaty flavor and aroma, this strain should remind you of Thin Mints, York Peppermint Patties and other cool, sweet, earthy treats that you won’t be handing out to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze was the first strain in history to provide psychedelic effects to marijuana, and it is still highly regarded as one of the best strains there is. An intense Sativa, Amnesia Haze is widely regarded as a near-perfect strain for the wake-and-bake, but it is equally good for keeping the excitement alive all Halloween night. Again, like all psychedelic strains, you won’t hallucinate, but you will feel your worldview shift with the flash of energy provided by this bud.

Some Strains With Spooky Names

Some strains you smoke on Halloween because they provide the effects you crave. Some strains you smoke because they have fun, spooky names that fit the holiday perfectly. Here are a few of the latter type:

  • Ghost Train Haze. This sativa will hit you like a train and send you into the afterlife — not literally, of course.
  • Killer Queen. You won’t feel like a scream queen after smoking this strain, which is notable for its ability to uplift any mood.
  • The Blood. Rare and difficult to find, this strain has red veins in its leaves and allegedly has red sap that drips like blood.
  • Jack the Ripper. Though you’ll never know the identity of the real ripper, this strain is a well-known sativa with a delightful lemony flavor.
  • Zombie OG. There are dozens of variations of the Zombie strain, but the OG’s high CBD content will help you relax like the living dead.
  • Black Widow. Neither venomous spider nor murderous wife, this strain offers nothing to fear.
  • Frankenstein. Unlike the active and heartbreaking monster in Mary Shelley’s influential novel, this strain is likely to put you to sleep.
  • Voodoo. This strain is far from a curse; its balanced THC content makes it appealing to almost every level of weed user.

Regardless of how you expected your 2020 Halloween to look, it almost definitely will look quite different. Fortunately, you can still kick back and enjoy a strain that will get you in the spooky spirit.

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