Bus API Simplifying The Travel Booking System

Technology is moving beyond just supporting the world and it is, in reality, advancing the world and making it a global village. No one can deny the fact, how technology has changed the course of every action of mankind and making life easy for everyone. The travel industry is no exception and thus utilizing travel technology solution, the travel industry is proliferating its wings and covering up all the travel related services and products under a roof. Millennial users totally rely on the technically advanced platform and thus it has become essential to delivering a quick solution for every task. The travel industry is quite overcrowded, yet a promising field to ensure the speedy growth of a business, the only thing you have to concentrate is to make smart moves to make your travel business effective.

Nowadays, travel agencies are having an online travel booking system to serve the major portion of travelers. Such online booking portals are well-equipped with all travel related services and products, which includes flight reservation system, hotel reservation system, bus reservation system, exposure to car rental, train or cruise etc. along with dynamic holiday packages. When you start a travel agency, it is important to focus on the services trending in the market at the moment. Travelers prefer the site, which has the ability to offer out of the box services to the users so that they don’t have to lack behind in any aspect.

Bus service is one such component of traveling that has been overlooked by travel agents since long. Travel agents must not forget that a large number of travelers prefer bus for traveling and bus is the only mode of transport that connects both highways and rural roads. Along with flight, train or cruise, integrating Bus API into the online booking system is equally important.


  • Customizable design and layout
  • Advanced and flexible yield capabilities
  • Every feature is predefined and design and services you provide is not editable from customer’s end
  • In-depth reporting and revenue tracking
  • Instant loading of custom light-weight website
  • Custom promo code
  • Dynamic packaging of the bus-related services and products
  • Admin can upload banner images
  • Notify client via email or SMS after log in
  • Notify the status of the bus and any changes in the service to the end customer via email and SMS
  • Report on daily booking
  • Easy E-ticketing option
  • Options for view history and tracking the live status of the bus
  • Cancellations or rescheduling of tickets
  • PNR generation
  • Multiple payment gateways

Bus API Integration allows the online travel agency to become an aggregator of bus-related service from all over the world. It allows them to collaborate with major bus operators in the world to yield out the services to the agents so that they can distribute it among the travelers and become one of the most versatile travel service providers in the industry.

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