Will Orange Lake take back timeshares?

With decades of history, Orange Lake Resorts is a chain of hotels that is a collaboration between Orange Lake Resorts and IHG. The vacation resort is nestled amidst top attractions in Orlando, making it one of the most desirable timeshare destinations. It is one of the best resorts that offer timeshares to customers. Although there are many attractive factors, most people speculate about the timeshare and think about how to cancel Orange Lake timeshare?  

Vacation timeshares are charming, and they lure the customers into buying the timeshares. People looking for leisure activities like water slides, lavish green set up, swimming pools, and large golf courses. Along with numerous entertainment activities for the kids, find Orange Lake Resorts the ideal vacation spot they are looking for. 

Let us see how to come out of the Orange Lake Timeshare. 

One should not confuse ownership of the property and expect value. The timeshares are methods that the resorts or the hotels use to acquire businesses. However, when you own a timeshare in a resort, it doesn’t mean that you own the venture or property. The truth is most of the customers find the timeshare to be burdening. Additionally, the value diminishes if the customer gets into the deal of a timeshare. 

1. Buyback or a Deed-back deal

In these situations where the customers want to come out of the timeshare. The Orange lake resorts have an option: a buyback or a deed-back deal given the challenges to maintain it.

Here the resorts offer the customers an opportunity to let go of the timeshare by giving it back to the resort. If you are wondering how it will benefit you, then the answer is the annual maintenance charges. Which are massive, will no longer be a pain in your life, and for this peace of mind, you need to pay some additional fees so that they take it back. Sometimes the customers think about the additional cost or fee and continue to keep the timeshare. But this will incur more expenses in terms of maintenance and upkeep. 

2. Live chat support

Since there are many scams going on regarding timeshares. Orange Lake resorts brought a reasonable solution to deal with this challenge that helps the customers discuss properly with the right person, which is the representative of the resort. The chat support will guide the customer on initiating the cancellation process and making it simple.

3. Hire a timeshare exit company

Since it is recommended to have someone along with you while you cancel the timeshare. It is better if you choose a timeshare exit company to help you. The lawyers will be able to deal with the consequential questions. And they know how to come out of the twisted situations. The timeshare exit companies have lawyers who will send cancellation requests of the timeshare to the resort or the developer and complete the procedures on your behalf. The only thing you must keep in mind is to hire a legitimate company. Because given the excruciating pain people go through due to timeshares, they trust anyone to get rid of it, and many scammers take advantage of it. 

4. Follow the process if you are alone in it

If you don’t want to get into even more troubled waters and prefer to do it alone. You must send the cancellation request to the developer or the resort in writing. Make it very clear in the letter that you want to cancel it. If you don’t have any dues, the process will take time, from 3 months to 12 months. So be patient in dealing with timeshares. Also, set the right expectations of cancellation with the resort because they will try to persuade you into a gifting option. 

What are the Exceptions to buy back or deed back the timeshare property?

The timeshare property is primarily an agreement that comes with many intertwined clauses that you must be aware of before you get into it. 

  • In case there is any mortgage on the property that you still need to pay, then there is no chance that the resort will let you go with a buyback deal. 
  • The timeshare has a major clause of maintaining the property; sometimes, customers don’t pay the maintenance fees. While the customers continuing the timeshare can pay it in agreement with the resort, those who want to get rid of it have to clear the dues. The resort will not offer a buy-back deal for customers who have any dues of maintenance. 
  • Another reason the resort will not allow you to come out of the timeshare is when you say that Orange Lake tried to cheat you with a misleading offer when signing up the agreement. This kind of allegation will certainly require a lawsuit. You must hire a lawyer to portray your charges are right. However, what must be considered is that you signed the definitive deal, which is substantial.

To Conclude

It is a pricey affair to have timeshare. Initially, you may find it a great deal, especially for newlyweds and people who plan to have family vacation time every year. The fact is mostly you may not be available to use the timeshare because of commitments. But still, you must bear the maintenance expenses. Therefore reaching out to the resort is the best way to come out of the timeshare.

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