How to Detect a Scammer and Protect Yourself on a Dating Site

Nowadays, online dating services are developing fast, and they allow people from all around the world to meet each other. But at the same time, they provide opportunities for scammers. If you use one of those online dating sites, then you may be interested in reading this article to learn how to detect a scammer and how to protect yourself.

First of all, you must pay attention to your partner’s communication style. If you think that you received a message from the ideal women, then most likely, you have faced a scammer. Typically, this scheme works according to the next algorithm: scammers compose universal text (a template) that will affect all men. This text is sent out in bulk to all new men on the site. If someone responds, they begin personal work with him. They only goal they have is to make money.

The first message in such networks is an attempt to identify the most gullible men. In the first letter, the woman will write only good things about herself; the letter itself will be stereotyped and depersonalized; there will be no references to your profile in it.

If something is written about you, then it will be about your eyes. The idea is very simple: almost everyone has eyes, and, even if a woman is unhappy with her figure, she clearly won’t refuse a compliment about her eyes. If your new partner “is drowning in the ocean of your eyes,” then this is a clear sign that they are a scammer.

Let’s see an example of how scammers write their letters: – “I am from Russia, but now I live in Ukraine. For almost 5 years, I have been studying literature. I am single, but I would like to find someone special for the relationship. I am a romantic dreamer, hardworking, very honest, and respectful person. I don’t smoke or drink. Instead, I read books, walk, watch movies, enjoy life, and play the guitar.”

Scammers often call themselves very honest and hardworking romantics. They try to look like a very good person. Most often they pretend to be students or teachers. It may be another profession, but certainly unusual, for example, an airplane pilot. But the most popular scammer occupation is a student.

We made a list of other signs that suggest that you have faced a scammer. Read it carefully to detect a scammer on a dating site.

Signs to Detect a Scammer on a Dating Site

1. A girl doesn’t ask you questions, and she talks only about herself

This is a very clear sign that this is a spam letter, and it has been sent to many other people. Remember, if there is nothing about you in a letter from a woman, then you should never respond to her back.

2. In the first message, a girl is looking for a serious relationship, a life partner, and everything is serious with her.

Ask yourself, are you ready to promise to a stranger that everything is already very serious with you? Of course not; no one does that, except for scammers.

3. A girl lives in a prosperous European country; she has a property and a well-paid job, but at the same time, she visits international dating web sites. Plus, she has no bad habits and goes in for sports.

It all sounds like a fairy tale. Fairy tales are not real, just like your new partner.

How to protect yourself from scammers on a dating website

1. Use special websites, such as romance compass scams to check for lists of scammers.

2. Check the information about your new friend on the Internet. Enter the name and photo in the search engine. Often, scammers use pictures of other people that they found on the Web.

3. Pay attention to spelling, especially if the bride pretends to be a foreigner. If she makes many mistakes, then this is a signal: your fiancé is not the one she claims to be. Often, they pretend to be foreigners, so if you look closely at the letters, you can find mistakes and expose the crooks.

4. Never send money or credit card, account, or passport details.

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