5 Places To Visit In Bikaner That Will Make You Fall In Love With This City All Over Again

Bikaner is a city located on the northern side of Rajasthan and is only 4 hours away from both Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Traditionally Bikaner is a city of traders because of its location on the silk route which shows you the reference when you move inside the city. The famous Bikaneri Bhujia is from Bikaner itself and has been one of the biggest attraction of Bikaner in all around the world. The trading nature of this city is shown in its demography also since a lot no. of people have moved from Kolkata or have moved away to other places in India for business setup. They consider working under someone as bad and it’s not in their blood to do that.

Bikaner is very cheap to travel and you easily travel here by just having 100$ in your pocket since the food and accommodation here, are very cheap.

Apart from its Bhujia and Rasgulla, there are many places in Bikaner where you can visit but here we have compiled a list of top 5 places to visit in Bikaner. Begin reading this simple guide to travel Bikaner.

Places To Visit In Bikaner

  1. Rampuria Havelis

Rampuria Haveli, referred to as the pride of Bikaner, is AN exquisite mix of antiquity, grandeur, and beauty. There area unit lots of living havelis within the town of Bikaner, however, this haveli is beyond any doubt the grandest of all. inbuilt Dulmera red arenaceous rock, the brilliant royal mansion was structured to beseem the rich fashion of the foremost powerful businessperson family, the Rampurias. per the lore, the splendor of a haveli was directly proportionate to the owner’s wealth in those days. However, every one of the seven havelis has its own name however all of them area unit conjointly referred to as the Rampuria Haveli.

Around the 1400s, Balujee Chalva perfect and made the Rampuria Haveli following the orders of Rampuria, the rich, cogent businessperson family of Bikaner. it absolutely was designed at a distance of two kilometers from Bikaner Junction train station. This haveli is thought for its 400-year-old subject area splendor.

2. Junagadh Fort

The Junagarh Fort of Bikaner is a brilliant structure around that town of Bikaner grew up. The fort was at the start known as Chintamani and was then renamed because of the Junagarh or previous fort within the twentieth century. The foundations of the Junagarh fort was in-built 1478 by Rao Bika. However, it existed even as a stone fort then. the current grand structure was inaugurated on seventeenth February 1589. Besides having an expensive history, the Junagarh Fort could be an achievement of design. The palaces within the fort, the gardens, balconies, kiosks, etc. depict a composite art form that is influenced by the cultural variations of the various rulers and conjointly foreign inspirations. The spectacular Junagarh Fort stands with all its purple glory as AN epitome of subject field brilliance. The dazzling and exquisite structures of this fort attract thousands of tourists from everywhere each year

3. Deshnok Temple

This temple is found in Deshnoke, thirty Km from Bikaner, Rajasthan. This can be celebrated as Rat Temple. The rats are terribly sacred during this temple. There are several 1000s of rats here. These rats are thought-about as holy and not as pests. it’s believed that there are around twenty,000 rats here. they’re seen all over. Neither the rats nor the devotees are afraid of one another. Devotees and rats share a special bond. These rats are called Khabas. they provide prayers to those rats. The Prasadam is initially offered to the Khabas and solely then to the devotees.  This place is freed from Plague or the other contagious diseases. there’s a preferred belief that the rats are the incarnations of dead ancestors of Charan clans and once rats die, they’re born as humans. The Karni Mata protects these rats. they’re thought-about because of the holiest rats. Although, there are around 20000 rats here nobody to the current date has seen any baby rats. Any given day, all of them are of the same size, shape, weight, and height. There are several white rats yet. they’re thought-about because of the holiest and pure Khabas.

4. National Science Center of Camel

The research center is just 4 km away from the main city if Bikaner and is a national research center for the camels. Here you have more than 300 camels in their premise which is a sight nowhere to be found in India. These 300 camels are of 4 types and have a defined difference under many categories. The camels here are free from any type of restrictions and you can see them playing, fighting and enjoying with each other completely in their free will. These camels are treated respectfully by the authority of this premises.

5. Bhandasar Jain temple

The Jain temple is one in every of the oldest temples in Bikaner and was inbuilt the fifteenth century. it’s adorned with mirror work, frescoes and leaf paintings. The temple is constructed of red arenaceous rock and is split into 3 floors. One will see the skyline of Bikaner by mounting to the top floor of this temple. it’s believed that the temple was created with forty thousand kilograms of drawn butter rather than mortar, that locals insist seeps through the walls on hot days.

All 5 of these are there to give you a memorable journey in the land of Bikaner which has been flocked by many tourists every year to cherish its food and people.

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