What to Know Before Participating in a Gymnastic Tournament

When I first time heard about gymnastics, a picture came into my mind of women doing few stunts on the balance beams, rings. For some, it is quite difficult to do but when an individual understands it well they can do it easily. When I joined the gymnastic classes it was very difficult for me to do and understand the moves because you need a flexible body to do the movements and stunts. It teaches you how to roll, jump, move and turn upside down. So, this article is all about gymnastic scoring, if you are also interested to know about it then do read and know more advices on gymnastics scoring can be found here.

What is gymnastics and what are its types?

This was the most complex question that came into my mind when I heard about it. But, when I asked and came to know about it, I find it not just a sport but an exercise that helps you balance your body and increases flexibility power. Well, this sport is a complete combination of coordination, physical strength, grace, control and flexibility power. Gymnastics offer a sound foundation for girls and boys of all ages. It allows them to easily develop their body and useful for all types of activities and sports.

There are three types of gymnastics done that are artistic where individuals perform on four events that are balance beam, vault, uneven bars, and floor exercise. It mainly consists of various gymnastic apparatus and use of floor for several exercises. Another type is rhythmic gymnastics that is fully related to exercise to music. It is also a group routine that mainly consists of six gymnasts that perform with two apparatuses.

And last is aerobic gymnastics where individuals perform in pairs, groups or trios. The routines mainly emphasize flexibility, strength as well as aerobic fitness rather than balance or acrobatic skills. The routines usually last for 60 to 90 seconds that are performed on the floor, where no apparatus is used for performing.

So, now talk about the scoring in gymnastics. As we all know that scoring in gymnastics is not an easy task when I started doing gymnastics it was quite difficult for me to do but scoring in gymnastics is done differently. But as the referees became tolerant and gymnasts ended up scoring more, the federation changed into a system and now the whole system is about execution and difficulty.


  • Artistic gymnastic scoring advice-


The artistic gymnastics comes into two different judges- the D panel and E panel, the D panel is all about difficulty where 4 judges are assigned and skill is rated from A to H- 0.1 points to about 0.8 points. However, it does not matter how many skills a performer is showing, because only the top 8 performers are taken for women whereas for men 10 skills are required which are then added to the final score.

Now in the E panel which is related to execution, it counts at least 4-5 judges that will evaluate each and every mistake. Each gymnast has to start with a 10 score and then few small faults are deducted Usually Bent arms taken as a mistake. When both the panels give their scores, the final scoring will imply whether scored high or not.

  • Aerobic gymnastic scoring advice-

As I have said learning gymnastics scoring is somehow confusing especially when it comes about aerobic events where three different set of panels are made that is A that is related to artistic, D for difficulty and E for execution. Here the A score is mostly given by the four judges where lowest and highest scores are not considered, but the individual in the middle and average of all the scores determine the final score.

Now D scores are provided by the two judges and it does not consist of numbers. But, the two scoring judges will have a conversation in which they will analyze the difficulty before they agree for the final decision.

In the E scoring, the way is completely similar to a scoring panel where four judges will average the scores and from those lowest and highest scores are decided after which final score is decided after adding three panels’ scores.


  • Rhythmic gymnastics scoring-


Rhythmic gymnastics feel overwhelming at first. Even when I decided to start with rhythmic gymnastics I thought it will be easy. But, it was not so there are several exercises which were difficult. Well, at the time of scoring six apparatuses are available and every apparatus have a maximum of 20.0 scoring.

It also has an execution score which is set at 10.0 score. If there is any technical mistake done will directly cause the deduction. The same is with artistic scoring as well as difficulty scoring. But, here the difficulty scoring is not added or counted on deduction; gymnasts start with 0 scores and keep building their score up. After this, the final score is given by averaging the scores.


Now I am pretty sure that you have understood that in each type of gymnastics there is a different scoring system made, yet they are somehow similar. If you are a gymnast and you know how to score in gymnastics can help you know how gymnasts perform. You need to put a lot of efforts and practice to become a good gymnast. As per my experience, I would also suggest you practice more on any type of gymnastics you do so that you can reduce the mistakes at the time of execution.

Practicing more on any sport can help you lower your mistakes and make you better in the same field. But, when you practice it make sure you remember to use the quality mats so that you can lower the falling impacts. Once you are aware of how to score in gymnastics will help you become a professional gymnast one day.

So what are you waiting for? If you wanna score high in gymnastics, then do read this article and use the advice given to score highest in gymnastics.

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