Tips to Prepare Your Pet For a Vacation

Are you worried about taking your pet for your next weekend getaway trip? Keeping pets like dogs, cats, horses, or other domesticated animals satisfy human needs like loneliness and depression or can be used for guarding purposes.

Pet owners who enjoy the company of their pets also face some difficult situations like if they frequently travel for office purposes or sometimes during the holiday season; during these times, pet owners cannot forget about the needs of their pets. 

Plan our Pet-Friendly Vacation

Either way, you’ll have to plan whether to take your pet with you or leave your pet behind. Animals also need physical and mental excitement like humans, and vacations are an excellent time to bond with your pet while you relax and recharge. When you plan to go for a vacation, take your four-legged friend with you to protect them from anxiety and to have some more walks and activities with your pet.

When you make your travel reservations, you can choose pet-friendly hotels and destinations; for example, pet-friendly cabins in pigeon forge to spend quality time with your pet and enjoy different activities.

Activities That Can Make Your Pet Happy

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Playing with pet

Pets loved being out on the solid ground to play, relax and do some favorite activities with their owner. Play some games with your pet for mental stimulation and arrange healthy meals with toys.

Spend a Day Canoeing with your Pet

All pets are not comfortable with water, but it can be an adventure for those familiar pets to spend time in a lake or river canoeing with their owner.

Go for Hiking with your Pet

If your pet is healthy enough and familiar with a daily walk, hiking in the morning or evening can be fun. You’ll get to exercise the training you’ve done with your pet and build a better bond. Not all pets are open to hikes, so taking them for a stroll is also a suitable alternative.

Plan To Swim

Pets that are happy to be in the water may also enjoy swimming. Consider taking them to safe places that allow pets. You’ll have to consider the weather and factors to minimize the risk to prevent them from falling sick. This is one of the must-try activities if you’re considering a destination with access to water-based activities.

Arrange Some Pet Play Date

Pets love socializing, so it’s a good idea to take your pets to safe environments where they can interact with other animals. Many pet trainers use this technique to improve animal behavior and improve the bond between the pet and its owner. Hence, giving your pet enough space to interact with other pets and animals can test your pet’s training.

Caring for Your Pet

Consult Your Veterinarian 

Before starting your vacation, it is better to take your pet for a consultation. These professionals may advise the best vaccines and medicines to pack for the trip. Furthermore, they might even diagnose your pet’s health issues and recommend whether it is ready to explore new territories. Another reason you should consider this consultation is to update your pet’s passport and all the relevant certificates. These certificates are pre-requisites for most pet-friendly cabins and lodging.

Choosing the Right Pet-Carrier

You’ll need to get your pet a carrier that suits their journey based on your commute. You’ll have to buy a carrier in advance so your pet can familiarize itself with this carrier. Otherwise, there’s a strong possibility of it misbehaving. If you’re commuting by air, it’s important to stack pet toys and give your pet enough room to stretch to avoid any injuries. Consider talking to your vet before your trip, as you’ll need a professional’s help to ensure that your pet’s journey is enjoyable and well catered to.

Packing a Pet Bag

When packing your stuff for traveling, pack a specific pet bag that includes the following items or alternatives.

  • Food and Snacks
  • Water Bottles
  • Pet Pots
  • Pet Toys
  • Pet Grooming Supplies
  • Regular Medications
  • A Pet Bed and Blanket
  • Waste Bags
  • Extra Collar and Leash
  • Current Vaccination Card
  • Vet Contact Information

Have the Appropriate Pet ID

Before traveling, ensure that your pet ID has updated information. For your convenience, consider getting a pet collar or a tag as it contains your pet’s owner information, home address and contact information, and the relevant bio-data if your pet goes missing. This can help make your vacation less stressful.

Leaving Your Pet Behind

Sometimes taking a pet with you for a vacation might be too big of a task. After all, you’re looking for time off to unwind instead of working round the clock dealing with your pet’s anxiety. So, if you feel that you can’t take your pet along for a vacation, consider a few options that can keep your pet safe while taking your time out.

Traveling without your pet can be a difficult decision, as you’ll have to accommodate your little furry friend. Your pet will show abandonment symptoms and adjustment issues and might feel home-sick if you plan to keep it at your friend’s place.

Leaving Your Pet at Home

If your only choice is to leave your pet at home, consider how long your stay is. You’ll want to ensure that your pet is fed timely and has enough room to walk around the house without any threats. Hence, consider catering to these aspects when leaving your pet at home.

  • You cannot leave your pet alone at home for a long time without any care; it can be dangerous and unsafe
  • Leave your pet with a caretaker, preferably someone familiar to the pet, as this can save your pet from anxiety and discomfort.
  • Leave enough food supplies that your pet’s routine is not drastically hampered.

Moving Your Pet to a Friend’s House

If you trust your best friend living nearby, a pet lover, and think this decision will work, move your pet to your friend’s house. Make sure your pet is familiar with the territory and pets, as these furry friends can be very territorial and possessive. So, moving them to new territories can take adjustment and stress. 

Consider doing a test run before you leave for vacation by sending your pet to a friend’s house for a few days; if it works, then it is a great option.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

 Hiring an experienced pet sitter would be your next option if you didn’t keep your pet unsupervised. Consider pet sitter profiles based on peer reviews and who are within the area so they can visit in case of emergency. These pet sitters have enough experience to manage food and potty routines, administer traditional medicine, maintain daily exercises, and monitor your pet’s sleeping habits. During your traveling, you should check in with your pet-sitter to provide any additional instructions about your pet, see your pet’s pictures, and even interact with your pet remotely to ensure your pet is safe and protected. 

Boarding Options for Your Pet 

Suppose the above two options do not suit you. You could search for boarding services for your pet – where your pet can stay and be taken care of while you’re away. These boarding options often have professional facilities with licensed professionals to provide a safe and fun environment. You can check in on your pet and interact with them while keeping your house locked.


Going on a vacation with your pet can go either way. Whether your pet is exposed to new situations or is social and well adapted to the chaotic world, you’ll have to cater to them properly. You’ll have to consider whether your pet is ready for this vacation and you’ve considered the possible options before setting out on this getaway. 

We hope you like this article, and if you think we may have missed something, feel free to add your two cents in the comment section below.

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