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How to Prevent Bugs from Entering Your RV?

Do you make camping plans often? Are you an adventurous camping enthusiast who even has an RV for it? If you are, you know that camping is just as difficult as enjoyable. There are so many good things about spending the night in a camp, like enjoying the scenic natural beauty of the campsite, a bonfire, or sleeping under the night sky. 

But problems like pests entering the vehicle and mosquitoes menacing over folks’ heads take the fun out of a good camping plan. So how do people avoid being harassed by these annoying bugs? They can solve this problem by using a bug stop on the RV screen door sliding panel, which secures their vehicle from bugs and maintains good ventilation simultaneously. 

Using bug stops, however, is one way to prevent pests from entering and ruining the trip in the RV. There is a whole list of ways in which folks can keep their RV free from bugs.

Tips to Prevent Bugs from Entering Your RV

  • Use the Bug Stops

Using bug stops on an RV screen door sliding panel is one of the most effective ways to keep the insects outside. It restricts unwanted hindrances like bugs from entering the van while not disrupting the ventilation inside. It’s easy to install and operates smoothly without any problems. So people don’t have to worry about any compromise in quality. They are highly durable and last long. 

  • Maintain a Clean Environment

Keeping the surroundings of your campsite clean goes without saying. But people still overlook this important rule of camping and are then attacked by swamps of bugs. A campsite that is not clean and has waste lying around is sure to attract all kinds of insects to annoy you. This is because of insects and rodents like the smell of food. So you must remember not to litter the food around the site where you are staying. 

Be sure to carry garbage bags or have bins inside the RV to dispose of the leftovers quickly. Also, cleaning the utensils immediately after use will definitely prevent bugs from infesting the RV. 

  • Use Ultrasonic and Other Mosquito Repellents

Devices that use ultrasonic sound to keep all the pests from entering within a certain radius have become quite popular. The gadgets’ sound waves go with a high-frequency rate, capable of shielding the area against pests. It is a modern-day gadget that is extremely easy to use and highly effective. 

However, traditional repellents like cream work just fine when keeping mosquitos away. Using citronella mosquito repellents has become a trend in recent times too. 

  • Turn Off All the Lights on the Outside

As most of you know, pests and insects are always attracted to light sources so that they will crowd around them. Once they find an opening, they will find a way inside your van and take away a good night’s sleep from you. So the best way to avoid such an inconvenience is to turn off all the lights outside. This way, the insects will not have a light source to crowd around. 

Sometimes, people leave the porch with the vehicle’s light on to keep animals and other threats away. So try using a yellow light that repels bugs instead of the regular light if you find yourself in such a situation. 


Now you know what to do when you find yourself troubled by annoying pests on a camping night. The methods mentioned above are all super effective against those menacing creatures. 

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