Colors For Prom 2018 – Here Is How To Choose Prom Dress Color

Prom 2018 is almost here and we are all excited about making it extra spectacular for us. When there is a lot going around like preparation for the dance, promposals, selection of dresses, makeup, ornaments, ways to look beautiful in prom, and much much more. Here, we will be talking about one of the major concern of all the ladies who are a bit more excited about looking good and rock their prom. Yes, we are talking about choosing what prom dress color is right for you and the ways to choose prom dress color according to your skin tone.

To all the ladies, concerned about picking that right prom dress color to glorify them and make them look even beautiful and gorgeous, we have got you!! Read along to know about the colors trending in 2018 and how to choose the best prom dress color for you.

The Most Trending 2018 Prom Dress Colors


Let’s begin with talking about the most trending prom dress colors in general.¬†You can wear whatever color you want, don’t give anybody a chance to tell you otherwise. All things considered, a few hues are basically less demanding to pull off than others. There is a high possibility that there will be one shading that won’t do anything for you, yet luckily, there will be a couple of hues that will look totally fabulous; all relying upon your own shading palette, the look you desire, and inclination. Here are a couple of trending prom dress colors to help you in choosing the right one for you.

  1. Lavender
  2. Purple
  3. Milk White
  4. Rapture Rose
  5. Tomato Red
  6. Black
  7. Pink
  8. Nude
  9. Silver
  10. Chocolate Brown
  11. Yellow
  12. Sky Blue
  13. Navy Blue
  14. Military Green
  15. Light Green

However, the selection¬†of the best prom dress color for you doesn’t stop here. There are a lot of other factors included that can help you in narrowing down your choice to the most ideal one. Continue reading to learn that…

What am I gonna wear?


This is one of the most Googled questions regarding prom that “What am I gonna wear?” Should I settle down for “Black Prom Dress” or “Red Prom Dress” will suit me the most? From the size of the prom dress to colors, deducing your never-ending list of options to one final answer is a hectic task to do.

No matter if you are following this 80s prom theme, or Great Gatsby Prom theme, or Arabian nights prom theme, or any other. Here is how to pick the right color for you that you are surely going to rock this prom 2018.

Understanding Color


As we see them, colors evoke a scope of feelings and visual impacts from us. Red is linked to produce the excitement inside us while blue is connected to the calmness. These unique impacts can be credited to these hues having distinctive “temperatures”. The shading wheel is separated into warm tones and cool tints. For the most part, warm hues are reds, oranges and yellows which produce vitality, and are related with daylight and warmth. Cool hues are greens, blues, and purples which provoke tranquility, and are related with water and colder temperatures. Contingent upon how they are blended or matched, hues identify with each other in various ways which have a much more prominent scope of consequences for the audience. Similar colors are however placed side by side on the shading wheel. They normally have a similar temperature and create concordance effectively. This shading coordination can be exceptionally satisfying to the eye if there is sufficient separation between the hues. Integral hues are inverse from each other on the shading wheel; one is warm and one is cool and in this manner create the most astounding difference. On the off chance that propositions hues are adjusted well in controlled sums then the impact will be dynamic.

Observation is everything. An excessive number of similar shades will be seen as excessively dull and exhausting. Unequal differentiating hues will be seen as excessively disorganized and overpowering. The most outwardly engaging shading blends are those that create the harmony amongst warm and cool.

Your Personal Color Palette

Once you have understood the colors and their placement in the shading wheel, now, it is the time to understand your personal color palette.

Skin tone assumes a tremendous part in how a shading looks on you. However, you shouldn’t opt for the color similar to your undercurrent color. Rather you ought to run with hues that have a temperature almost similar to your undertone. For instance, if your skin has a yellowish undertone so you should stay away from most yellows or champagnes. Be that as it may, you can look extraordinary in cool gem tones like sapphire and emerald. Did we confuse you? Try not to stress, we’ll clarify.

To begin with, you have to make sense of what your own undercurrent color and temperature are. And to understand that, here we are adding an assortment of simple tests that you can take to determine your undertone and the colors that will compliment you the most.

Base Color

To understand your base color, pinch the back of your hand for a while, whatever shading you see, that is your base! In the event that you see pink or ruddy, certain pinks may influence your skin to appear to be dull. In the event that you see peach or a brilliant red, reds may influence you to appear to be hot. On the off chance that you see a greenish-yellowish tone at that point yellows and greens could influence you to look wiped out. In the event that you don’t perceive any shading specifically or you simply observe white, it may mean you are neutral. For this situation, some more testing is required.

Have a go at contrasting your skin with variants of different hues. In the event that you think you have a red base color, at that point hold your hand to something solid red. In the event that you do really have a red base, at that point you will distinguish a closeness between your hand and the red thing that is really not there when you contrasted your hand with a yellow, green or pink object. Just in case, after all these tests, you are still uncertain about your base color that means you have a neutral base color. For this situation, impartial hues like beige or dark black can possibly disappoint you.



The best approach to recognize the undertone is by taking the Vein Test. Take a gander at the veins in your wrist, on the off chance that they seem blue then you have a cool undercurrent and in the event that they seem green then you have a warm hint. In the event that you can’t generally tell what shading your veins are, regardless of whether they are certainly blue or unquestionably green, at that point you have a neutral undertone.

However, if you can’t see your veins then another approach to tell is by taking another test i.e the White Test. In this test, you take a gander at your composition contrasted with the plain white foundation. You can do this test by holding a white piece of paper or any other white object beside your face. Anyway, you do it, you just have to compare your complexion with that white paper. On the off chance that your skin appears to be shadowy and you can see that your veins appear to be more articulated, it implies your undertone is cool. In the event that your skin appears more even toned then that implies you have a warm connotation.

Color Of Your Eyes and Hair

If you are still unsure about your undertone, here is yet another way to easily find it out with the help of the color of your eye and your hair.

Eye Color

Your eye color can likewise help in determining your undertone. On the off chance that you have blue, dark, or green eyes you likely have cool connotations. Then again, if you have darker, hazel, or golden eyes you likely have a warmer undertone.

Hair Color

Hair color will likewise affect the colors you look best in. Brunettes can wear a scope of shades yet they tend to amaze in red. Blondes stop people in their tracks in dark and brilliant, cool colors. Redheads engage in pastels, and turquoise. Those with hair colored technicolor would showcase be able to that color with white or have the one of a kind chance to observe that matches their locks! On the off chance that you will color your hair or get features before the event, just make sure that you keep that color in your mind when shopping; you wouldn’t need your new do to conflict with that prom dress you became hopelessly enamored with!

Paint The Whole Picture


If you have still not decided which color to opt for, choose which accessories, shoes, or cosmetics ideas bounce out at you! This procedure may move you to run with a more casual color. It might be a smart thought to go for a color fly of your dress!

In the event that you incline toward gold gems, at that point run with a warm color to compliment you, and cool colors for silver adornments. In the event that you have a splendid shoe at the top of the priority list, you could run with a dress that matches them precisely or you could select white, keeping in mind the end goal to boast about your pretty shoes. If you are planning to wear striking make-up, run with a more stifle adaptation of “your” color. In the event that you need your makeup to be unobtrusive, at that point, don’t be hesitant to run with a more immersed dress color. Just keep in your mind that it is all about balance.

Ask your Friend

In case you’re gotten between two colors and you can’t choose which one you like better, ask your friend. Demonstrate a companion or relative (who you know will give you a straightforward answer) your two color alternatives and ask them which one they think would look best on you. Try not to ask which color they like better on the grounds that their own inclination may influence the consequences of the test. In the event that you feel a slight twinge of baffled with his or her reaction, at that point you have your answer-it’s gotta be the other color!

Rock Your Prom

Once and for all, never doubt your instincts. Ask yourself what color do you like the best, which colors do your eyes normally float towards first? More essential than the color you wear is the means by which you feel in the dress that you pick. On the off chance that you adore what you look like in red yet this straightforward guide says you should wear cool tones simply dismiss it! Or pick the color in which you have got the most compliments in your life. Or try two to three different colors and stick with the one that you think suits you the most. Remember, it’s more about how you feel in your dress. Choose a prom dress that makes you feel like Cinderella or any other Disney princess you have been admiring since your childhood. After all, it’s one of the most anticipated days of your life, and you shouldn’t waste it by settling on a choice that you never liked. The post is to help you out with choosing the best color and not to confuse you. So, if you have already bought a dress and was just here to confirm that you made the right choice. No matter, what this post deduced or you, be confident with your choice and rock your prom. And if you are actually here before going for the shopping, and you think the post has helped you in deciding your prom dress color, then go for that color, and again, rock your prom!!

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