7 Timeless Hairstyles That Are Always In Fashion!

The beauty and fashion industry are one of the most unpredictable sectors today, with new things evolving every other day. What might be in a rage today would become outdated tomorrow. Rolling with the trends, it keeps on evolving.

Of course, many hairstyles are often considered outdated; there are few, on the other hand, that is sleek, timeless and ensure that even if you change the haircut, they will not look like you have traveled the time.

You neither want to look too dull nor too funky, and there’s always an array of hairstyles to try unless you don’t want to keep that retro hippie look. Have a look at

timeless, classic hairstyles for women who want to stay safe from trends.

Straight And Sleek Hairs:

The middle-parted, straight locks are what gives you a sleek and professional look. And the best part, it never goes out of style like the brazilian kinky straight hair.

Try middle-parted straight hairs that look sleek and doesn’t require much time. Straight hairs are classic, timeless pieces and are great to carry with casual, elegant date nights.

Pixie Dust:

If you want that boyish locks, go for a textured side-swept pixie cut. Put some Texturing spray on the flat brush and blow dry it to set the locks. Besides, this hairstyle is hard to go wrong and is perfect to go with any look.

An angled-cut bang will help in balancing the plumpness of your face and will give round-faced people a balanced look. Have a heart-shaped face? A soft bang will give you more chick and feminine look.  

The Shag:

This textured, layered cut can compliment a lot of different shapes drawing maximum attention to the eyes. Since this haircut requires minimum maintenance, they can be worn with any look. Also, they look great straight, curly, in a loose or tight updo. Their incredible versatility makes them a style of timeless hairstyle.

The Bob Cut:

Bob cut is quite versatile and can compliment any face shapes, hair types, styles, and ages. Two people can have a bob exactly of the same length, but if one has blunt finish while the other has choppy layers and fringe, both will look completely different.

Some small changes in the hairstyle’s shape can alter the overall look.  This also means, if you want to stay updated with the trend, just some minor changes are you are ready to look different.


Freehand curls often make the best hairstyle for textured hairs. They are the most effortless and always on-trend look that can bring softness and edginess in the look.

Further, curly hairs are hard to cut methodically and also prevent curl from being in natural shape. Simply, ask your stylist to chop off lengths to make curls soft from the edges. Doing this will also allow hairs to retain their definition.

Beach Waves:

While some are blessed with natural wavy locks that begin a few inches from the roots, some make often salon visits to get them. The beach waves are universally adored by hair stylists and are easy to pull the hair.

If your hair is more prone to curling nicely from the edges, the beach waves would be perfect for you.  Just think about the results you want, bring the right products and tools are you are all set for the beach waves.

Cornrow Braids:

Cornrow braids are the latch-looked braids in which all your hairs are tied together in different braids. They are considered as a protective hairstyle that helps you increase the growth rate of your hairs. So, if you are planning to take care of your strands, this will be the best hairstyle to get noticeable changes.

A women’s greatest asset is said to be her smile and hairs, so keep up with the above haircuts and styles and look gorgeous always!

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