New Choice for Mens Wedding Bands – Tungsten Carbide Rings

Every individual wants to experience their one special day of a lifetime with utmost perfection. That one special day requires many efforts from each and every participant, from the gathering arrangements to the selection of rings. The selection of rings for both the bride and groom is a very important step and while the bride has many option and varieties to diversify into, the grooms are often left with the basic mainstream options to choose from. It is important to choose the right type of metal that would be according to his likes and would fit his personality and style too. While gold and platinum are still the leading options for grooms as well, tungsten carbide rings and metal are making a comeback and many people have seemed to like the style and design of the new trend. This new trend of tungsten carbide rings is most likely to help save the individual a few bucks from the budget as compared to when choosing pricey options like gold and platinum. Acknowledge yourself with the following pros and cons of tungsten carbide rings before you make the correct decision:

Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings


  1. Extreme scratch resistant:
    Unlike other metal and their rings who are created after being mixed with different alloys, tungsten is a heavy metal based purely on itself and is extremely scratch resistant. Its scratch resistance can be proven by its shine that is maintained and makes the ring look new till after many years of your wedding even.
  2. New and unique look:
    Since decades, grooms have had the only option of choosing between gold, silver, and platinum as their wedding band. With the discovery of tungsten to be able to use in this category, people are slowly edging towards it and choosing tungsten carbide rings for their big day which gives a unique look rather than the basic mainstream look. 
  3. Affordability:
    In today’s world of rich getting richer and poor becoming poorer, many people are robbed of the luxuries of life such as being able to afford gold or platinum rings. In such a situation, tungsten carbide rings are very helpful as they are the most affordable option for every social class.
  4. Strength and durability:
    Tungsten carbide is considered to be a very heavy metal, similar to that of platinum. It does not require any other alloys to be mixed with it to be able to create jewelry pieces. This feature of it being a natural heavy existing metal contributes to its strength and durability which helps it to last way longer than gold and platinum; that too without any professional maintenance and upkeep.
  5. Hypoallergenic:
    Another advantage of choosing tungsten carbide rings is that it can be easily adapted by any and every skin type as it is a hypoallergenic metal. It does not consist mixing of different other elements in it that may be sensitive to some skin types. 


  1. Cannot be resized:
    Unlike having this option in gold and platinum rings, tungsten carbide rings once bought in a specific size cannot be resized again due to it being very heavy metal. In such a case, an individual only has the option of buying a new one in a different size.
  2. Metal heaviness:
    While the feature of tungsten metal being heavy is a pro in the sense that it does not require many alloy mixing, it is also a con in such a way that because of its heaviness, the owner of the ring cannot wear the product for too long as it can cause strain on the fingers. 
  3. Breakable:
    As compared to gold and platinum, and even with its own metal heaviness, tungsten carbide rings are prone to be broken if enough pressure or force is applied to them. This is a disadvantage in such a way that people opt for weddings rings that will last them for a long period of time, irrespective of mishaps.
  4. Not easily tradable:
    Gold and platinum have a secured position in the money market and are easily traded in exchange for cash. On the other hand, tungsten while having many exciting advantages and features lacks the same money value as compared to gold and platinum and cannot be easily exchanged in the market by jewelers for cash.

On the mention of rings and the best choose from the options available, the above mentions pros and cons of tungsten carbide rings prove how in this modern era, such a metal should be chosen for an individual’s wedding that portrays the qualities of adaptability to today’s time, as well as represent a unique look, free from the shackles of mainstream choices. 

When choosing a wedding or any kind of rings, one should opt for a reliable brand that promises the quality of work in the most reasonable prices. Find U Rings is an online jewelry store that specializes in fulfilling the preferences of the customer without even slightest of changes.

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