Why You Should Start Wearing A Wrist Watch

People had for many centuries to fish around their pockets to find the ubiquitous pocket watch. The good thing is that after the WWI, wrist watch started getting popularity. Most of the people by this time only thought that watches worn on bracelets were for women. They were also considered a silly trend but later wrist watches became the norm.

Some people might argue that wrist watches are slowly becoming obsolete but there are several reasons why a man should wear a wrist watch despite the fact that they can at any time consult their phones to check the time. Wrist watches are gradually regaining their popularity but millennial are still reluctant to wear them. The latest generations of people are not very attached to their watches as their prior counterparts.

This means that the Y generation is reluctant to invest some money in a diamond Rolex to wear it the entire life. Previously people used to wear their diamond watches for years and later pass them to their younger generations. This generation is changing their minds and is now buying for some of the best wrist watches in the market including zenith el primero chronomaster.

It is a sense of success

Although no one can prove this with empirical results, the fact is that most of the businessmen who wear wrist watches are reliable, organized and professional. This is one of the reasons why almost everyone is turning to these watches today. Though, most of the women embrace watches and have tried to turn them into elaborate bracelets but most of the people today will say that watches are widely linked to men.

Watches are still a symbol of manhood and that’s the reason why you find most of the articles online completely focused on men, rather than women. The main reason why bigger watches are manly can be traced back in cultural suppositions of the history. They also have a lot to do with power, money and manly attributes.

Watches are great accessories

The fact is that most of the people today who wear wrist watches usually wear them as accessories. They consider them as a piece of jewelry that enhances their appearance and style. Most of the people usually say that watches are the only pieces of accessories that men can wear and don’t risk turning out feminine.

The fact is that women have plenty of accessories but men don’t. This is a reason why almost every man is turning to watches this days to match their style and fashion. Most of men struggle to find an accessory in the market that can match their style but a watch is the best and the only accessory that matches every style.

A good looking watch will always enhance your appearance significantly. They are also very easy to match with the best outfit you are wearing. Previously, most men didn’t care about the look of their wrist watches but today most of them care.

Wrist watches are functional

A good thing is that most of the watches today come with some features that can offer certain functions. The fact is that watches aren’t tools that are crucial and reliable for time because today men rely on their Smartphone for checking time but they have a couple of other features that can help in certain situations.

In WWI and WWII, watches were used to synchronize maneuvers during the war but with the advancements in technology, they have evolved into daily functional tools. Today there are a couple of wrist watches in the market that offer a whole array of helpful features. They have now been developed to help divers in the ocean and the pilots in the sky maneuver. If you checked for the functionality of wrist watches in the market you will realize that there are a couple of them that are made for specific functions and usage in different areas including diving, racing, exploring, flying and many other areas. What this means is that when you are shopping for a watch, you should look for the one with that specific feature that you want. You can buy those with GMT hand, chronograph features, moon phase functions and much more.

Wrist watches offer simplicity

You don’t have to get your Smartphone to check for time while you are addressing a meeting. With a wrist watch, this becomes very simple. You can at any time use the watch to set time and at the same time to manage your time on stage. I bet you have every got your phone out to check for time and ended up spending a couple more minutes on the phone.

Phones are distracters and most of the time when you get it out to check for time you may end up spending more time on it. A wrist watch will not distract you on the way. Wearing a watch eliminates all those problems especially when you are sited in a meeting or addressing people.

They signal a sense of style and class

As I had already stated, the range of jewelry for men are limited. There are very few accessories that men can put on. In most of the cases, men will only be seen with three main accessories on their hands which include a nice watch, a stylish pair of cufflinks and a wedding band.

The good thing is that today wrist watches are there to help them display their sense of style. They are usually forms of self expression. Different makes of watches displays different styles whether sports, adventure or danger.

Some watches embody craftsmanship

Watches today are more than just time keepers. In most of the cases, some watches are a symbol of tradition and history. There are very few people who realize that they are wearing pieces of arts on their wrist. If you want your watch to display a sense of tradition and history, then you can at any case wear an analog watch.

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