Make the Most out Of Your Recording Session like A Pro

Hiring a recording studio even for a couple of hours is not going to be light on your wallet-for sure!  This can be required for making a band’s debut album or for shooting an indoor music video aimed at a niche audience. So, the recording artists or band members are usually not given too much time or too many scopes to get their vocals and performance right in such setups. This is more of a problem for those artists/singers who are performing in a song recording studio for the first time. However, the recording woes can be handled if you know the basics right and have some preparations.

How to run a recording session like a pro

Listed below are some handy tips using which you can ensure you perform at your best capacity at the sound recording studio:

Punctuality Matters- 

While it sounds basic, punctuality when you attend a recording session- does matter. By being late to the studio, you make things harder for everyone involved- the fellow performers, the next team in queue and of course, the studio management! Sometimes, the studio may give away slots of artists who are late to arrive to those waiting in queue. This can be bad when you are a newcomer in the industry. Besides, getting late at first audition or recording session creates a bad impression for a singer and artist. When you arrive early, you can rehearse a bit or get time to cool down.

Bring The Right Equipment- 

The song recording studio will have a nice setup but you still need to bring your muscle instruments. In some studios, this may not be required. Ensure you bring quality equipment’s at the studio for the recording session. Keep in mind, the recording equipment at the studio will pick up even the minute hiss or apparently inaudible noise from your musical instrument. That will hamper the quality of final recording. If you are running low on money, at least try to borrow a quality instrument for the event. If you do so, try out the borrowed or rented equipment a few times before you take these to the studio. This will save you from hassles and iron out chances of any glitch at the studio.

Listen To The Sound Engineer-

Even the most talented musicians and singers may not get certain sound technology related things as good as the sound engineers working in these studios. So, it is prudent that you listen to what the sound engineer suggests. They are well versed in every nuance of sound recording and they can guide you on aspects like your distance from microphone, using the right pitch or posture etc. It will work in your favor- for sure.


Making your sound recording session rock is not hard when you know the basics and prepare well. You need to have good observation power to pick up nuances of the setup in a sound recording studio. Maintaining timeliness and checking your equipment before bringing them to the studio will ensure your performance sails through smoothly.

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