Science projects for 5th grade students during summers

Has summer holidays begun in your child’s school?
Do you want you kid to explore new, creative and knowledgeable stuff this summer?
Kids are generally curious to learn new things and summer holidays are the best time to let them try exciting things.

How about making your kid try some science tricks this summer? If your child is studying in 5th grade, then this article is for you. Read on to know some interesting science experiments that will make your child enjoy science by exploring new tricks.

Rock Candy

Children love candies, and then why not take an opportunity to help them create their own.
Your kids are surely going to find it interesting.

How to do it?
Start by adding sugar to the boiling water for making a saturated sugar solution. Keep adding until it stops dissolving. Continue stirring and remove the solution from heat when sugar starts settling down in the vessel. Now pour the solution into a jar. Tie a clean cotton string to the wooden skewer and hang it in the jar. Let the solution cool. In about a week, your kid will be excited to see that sugar crystals started to grow. You can add color to the candy and give it to your kid to taste the candy made by them.

Your child will learn that water can hold sugar only if both sugar and water are hot when the water cools sugar start changing to its crystal form.

Ensure you are by the side of your kid when he or she is experimenting 5th-grade science.

Leak Proof Bag

Every kid likes magic.
Demonstrate the making of the leak-proof bag and help them learn the science behind it.

How to do it?
Take a zip pouch and close it tightly by filling it up with water. Hold the bag and tell your child to push the sharpened pencil through the bag. Leave the pencil stuck in the hole. While doing it, your child will observe that not even a single drop of water spilled out of the pouch.

Make your child learn the science behind this. The plastic bag is made up of long molecular chains. When you insert the pencil in the bag, it gets squeezed between polymers. The pencil doesn’t break the two chains when it is squeezed between then, it only increases the gap. This prevents water from spilling out of the bag.

Make the Drawing Float

Your child will be curious to know how drawing can move from its place.

How to do it?
Take a dry erase marker and make a drawing on a glass plate. Pour some water on to it. Now move the water and see drawing moving. This is an interesting experiment.

Dry markers are not as adhesive as permanent markers. Ink is insoluble and less dense than water. This lets your drawing flow in water.

Water Filtration

Let your child learn the process of cleaning water by layering.

How to do it?
Fill a jar with dirty water. Take a plastic cup and start layering it up to filter water. Start with coffee filters, then clean sand and at the last layer of gravels. Now pour dirty water through the layers into another jar to collect clear water.

The filter that is created with different layers collects all the dirt.


When your kid tries these experiments, they will have fun and at the same time will learn the science behind these knowledgeable tricks. Make the most of the summer holidays to boost up the knowledge of children in an interactive and exciting way.

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