8 Indications That You Unknowingly Harm Yourself

When it comes to self-harm, it is usually meant cuts on the arms and legs or scratching unhealed wounds. But physical damage is not the only way you can harm yourself without even realizing it. By checking our list of self harm symptoms, you will find out if you have habits that worsen your lifestyle, mood, and mental health.

Self Harm Symptoms

1. You Isolate Yourself From Society

If you spend all your free time at home and avoid talking with loved ones or meeting new people, don’t go for walks or somewhere on weekends, it is highly likely that you unconsciously forbid yourself to enjoy life. Each of us has moments when we really want peace and quiet but even for introverts, it is useful to sometimes change the atmosphere.

2. You Spend Too Much Money

One of the most common habits observed in people who cannot cope with their sadness or other negative emotions is impulsive shopping. It seems that if you buy good things you will feel better. But the joy of buying quickly ends because of the understanding that you went beyond your budget by spending money on unnecessary items.

3. You Put Other People’s Needs Above Your Own

A clear sign of self-destructive behavior is to put the needs of others higher than your own. Imagine that guests came to you and for two hours do not want to leave, knowing that you need to wake up early in the morning. If you continue to entertain them and struggle with drowsiness, it means that you don’t care enough about yourself and pay too much attention to making friends comfortable.

4. Avoid Going to the Doctor

Everyone will have at least one unpleasant case of communicating with doctors, and it is not surprising that many of us try to avoid them for as long as possible. Skipping regular examinations as well as annual blood tests can result in the development of severe chronic diseases.

5. Consume Too Much Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol or drugs can give you a feeling of lightness in your body and temporarily uplift your mood and distract from heavy thoughts. But if you finish every night resorting to the help of foreign substances, then this means that you do not cope well with stress. After some time, alcohol or drug abuse may appear and addiction therapy will be required. 

6. Training Too Actively

Training is one of the most important components of modern girls schedule but constant overload does not mean that you are making yourself healthier. If you are constantly suffering from muscle pain after the gym, you should understand why you force yourself to work more than necessary. Remember that excessive loads can lead not only to a loss of energy level but also to serious injuries, after which it’s difficult to recover.

7. Have Eating Disorders

Eating disorders indicate that you have serious stress problems. This can be caused by the rejection of your own body, improperly composed diet or other reasons why you are punishing yourself. If you will continue eating in the same way, you can increase the number of health problems.

8. Change Partners Too Often

If you notice that the number of your sex partners is changing too quickly and you are not trying to know a person better, this may indicate your desire for self-destruction. You subconsciously avoid any trusting and lasting relationships. 

If you think that you can’t be alone and are looking for a relationship with almost anyone, you will aggravate your loneliness and create relationships that have no chances for a future.

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