5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Children Play Football

Do you know that it is beneficial for your children to start playing football at an early age? Find out the reasons here.

With millions of players and billions of viewers in every country, football holds the status of the most popular sport in the world. The king of sports is the tremendous source of inspiration for everyone regardless of sexes, races or ages.

It is no surprise to see that many children have a passion for football at an early age. However, many parents still hesitate to let their beloved kids play football. Among many concerns, physical injuries seem to be the primary reason.

If you are one of those parents, change your mind right now! This article will present you with the five biggest reasons why you should allow your children to play football.

Let’s dig in right now!

Why You Should Let Your Children Play Football

#1 Physical training

This is one of the most obvious reasons why children should start playing football at an early age.

Involving in this active sports will allow children to reduce body fat, build muscles and stay in shape. Since they have to keep moving throughout the game, their cardiovascular and respiratory systems are significantly improved as well.

Nowadays, the number of obese children is gradually increasing every day. This situation proves that physical activities at school are not enough for children to stay active. Fortunately, football comes as a rescue.

Playing football helps children avoid obesity

What about physical injuries?

Regarding your concern, football has been safer than ever before. Advances in helmet technologies and rule changes contribute to reducing the risks when playing this sports.

As long as you purchase required protective gears for your children, there is no need to worry about their safety on the pitch.

#2 Mental health

Not only physical but also your mental health can benefit from playing a match of football.

You may wonder why?

According to scientific researches, the level of endorphins produced will increase while playing football. Endorphins play an essential role in relieving stress and lifting your mood.

Therefore, your children will feel a great sense of happiness when they play football.

Aside from that, the social integration of football also has a positive influence on the mental health of your children.

To be more specific, your children have to connect and interact with other members of the team during the game and over a long time playing, they will gradually develop their confidence and overcome shyness.

Children feel happy when playing football

Especially if your child shows a sign of autism, letting them play football is a great idea!

#3 Team spirit

Football is a team sport, not an individual one. A successful match requires the cooperation of every member of the team, even substitutions. No single person can carry the whole team to victory.

Your children will get accustomed to working with others, passing the ball and assisting their teammates in scoring a goal.

They gradually realize that cooperation is the key to success while selfishness will ruin the whole game. That is the moment they acquire team-building skills, which are beneficial for their career path in the long run.

Improve teamwork skill while playing football

The team spirit your children nurture is useful in dealing with group assignments at school. They can share the workload, give constructive comments and strive together for the common goal. It is understandable that children with team-building skills perform better in studying.

A simple way to teach your children about teamwork, isn’t it?

#4 Discipline

Self-discipline is a significant factor in achieving any victory, achievement, and success. Whether it is showing up for practice on time or abiding by the rules, it contributes to developing the discipline of your children.

This skill is invaluable on the pitch and in real life alike. In football, there is no victory gained without disciplinary behaviors.

Take the football superstar – Cristiano Ronaldo – for example. He always follows his training routine strictly even though he has already achieved roaring success over his career. Self-discipline may be partly the answer to his excellent performance in every match he appears.

If you want your children to improve their self-discipline, teach them football and let nature take its course. You may feel surprised with the result!

#5 Work Ethic

Together with discipline, work ethic is a vital asset that your children can obtain by playing football. With a good work ethic, they can successfully thrive in the workplace regardless of professions.

How can you teach your children the abstract concept of work ethic at such a young age? Let the king of sports do it for you.

But in what way?

Playing football demands that your children attend the regular practice session.

Some days, wearing the uniform and chasing after the ball no longer feel excited, especially in the heat or during the heart of winter. But they will know that practice makes perfect. The hard work and high commitment will eventually pay off in the long run.

Teach your children about work ethic with football

It does not stop there! Even when they no longer play football, for fun or professionally, your children will still follow the work ethic developed for the rest of their lives.

I have shown you five most convincing reasons why you should allow your children to take up football. So you may wonder, what is the most suitable age to start playing such a competitive sport?

When Should Your Kids Take Up Football

It is highly recommended that your children start playing football when they reach the age of 7. A child under seven can hardly learn the rules, let alone conform to them.

Also, 7-year-old kids can focus on developing actual skills on the pitch while younger ones just play for fun.

Seven years old is the right time to start playing football

So what kind of training should your children receive at this age?

You should combine both fun and educational aspect of football in one game. Alternating free plays with some quick matches is one suggestion. In free playing session, let the children interact with the ball as much as possible. The interest and passion for sports are our targets at this stage.

Quick matches are also essential. In these rounds, children learn about the rules and the professional skills involved. They start to discover the competitive and hard-hitting aspect of football as well. On top of that, your children can enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

However, it is never late to take up a sport. If your children realize their passion for football at the age of 10, it is fine. Just register for a local club and watch him or her thriving!

All In All

Football is the most popular sport all over the world. This game gives tremendous positive influence not only over adults but also children alike.

I hope that after reading this article, you can allow your children to take up football as they wish. Do not let your worries stop them from pursuing their interest!

You can teach football to your children by showing them videos of real matches. Where to watch? Well, click here for HD quality videos of both local and foreign teams.

If you find this article useful, press like and share with your friends, and ask me if you have any questions related to the topic. I am more than willing to help. Stay tuned for more informative posts! See you.

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