SEO Positioning Factors for 2019

We all are well-aware of the importance of SEO positioning in the figures of our businesses?

If so, congratulations, you are doing an excellent job and if until now you have not taken it into account, the time has come to do it.

In today’s article we will show you the results and determining factors regarding SEO trends and ranking factors for this 2019.

Before starting talking about the subject, we need to clarify some important and basic concepts.

What are SERPS?

On the off chance that you are interested in SEO positioning, then you must be familar with SERPS.

The exact meaning of this acronym is Search Engine Results Page.

SERPS are basically all the pages that appear on Google every time a search is made. Therefore, when we hear someone say that they want to improve their position in SERPS, it means that they want to move up in the list of pages displayed.

The SERPS can be:

  • Payment: will be the results that appear thanks to the bids in the Adwords ads, for which you have to pay a certain amount of money. (SEM)
  • Organic: will be the results that appear free of charge and natural. (SEO techniques)

SEO factors analysis 2018 by SEM Rush

Let’s continue showing the data that the last annual report (2018) made by SEM Rush shows in terms of relevance factors in SEO.

This research focuses on an analysis that includes 600,000 keywords with a high variety of search volumes.

The researchers examined the 100 best results of SERP for each term in order to find out what are the most relevant factors that influence the ranking of the page in Google.

Visits are the most relevant factor for Google

As we see in the graph, the first position of the ranking rewards the volume of visits that each site receives.

This result was really surprising for more than one since said factor was considered as something ephemeral. The results show completely the opposite.

Why does Google prioritize visits?

Well, because it considers that what really matters are those domains with high authority confirming once again that Google “tends to think” in which users want.

What are the recommendations for your business model after this study?

1- Find out what are the keywords for which your website is positioning. Do they belong to a group of low, medium or high search volumes?

2- How do you situate yourself regarding your competence?

3- You can use the factors of this study to optimize your position in search engines obtaining better results based on your keywords.

#one. Voice searches

Smartphones have become our preferred devices to perform any type of consultation.

During the past year 2018, voice searches have increased considerably by users. Who has never heard the harmonious voice of Siri on an iPhone?

Like her, there are more and more virtual assistants that help us quickly find what we are really looking for.

Voice searches involve using “Keywords long tail” which are nothing more than keywords composed of three or four terms whose objective is focused on the accuracy of the search.

The most common questions that users ask for voice queries usually start with: What, How, When, Who or Where, so, if we want to appear in their search results, we must adapt our content to them.

#two. Visual Searches

The same goes for the images. Flood our searches and internet content. It is obvious that any information through a photograph captures our attention more than having to read a written text.

How to do searches visually?

Surely we all have ever been listening to a song on the radio, in a bar or anywhere else and have asked us: What will be the title of this song and who sings it?

Until not long ago we had to keep the mystery, but thanks to new technologies, there are Apps that simply by exposing them to the song, they show you the name of the author and the theme.

The same will happen with image searches.

Experts say that the sectors that will benefit the most will be restoration and textiles.

Can you imagine knowing the origin of each of the clothes that a person carries on the street?

It is real.

#3. Google question and answer system

If we are observers, we will have seen how more and more Google searches adapt to the search intentions of users.

Have you noticed the incorporation Google has made with the accordions of questions and answers every time you do a search?

It is essential that we adapt our content to the possible questions of our clients. In this way Google will attach our products and services to your answers.

#4. The age of the Chatbots

Chatbots are a subject of great controversy today. As almost everything in life has detractors and promoters.

Chatbots are tools based on virtual assistants that can hold conversations with users through a software program. It is what is known as artificial intelligence.

Many brands choose to include a chatbot in their pages. The objective is to improve the relationship with your customers and offer a better, more personalized service.

SEO ranking factors 2019

Some factors to emphasize during this year are:

#one. WPO (Charge speed)

One of the relevant factors for this 2019 will be to reduce the loading speed of our website to the maximum.

For this we can improve aspects such as the size of the images, minify the CSS, JS, etc.

It is proven that users who visit a website leave it if the loading speed is higher than 2 or 3 seconds

#two. Mobile First and AMP

As we discussed earlier, most web traffic comes from smartphones.

A few weeks ago Google announced that the Page Speed ​​in mobile, will be a priority ranking factor from now on.

This means that it will be essential to adapt our websites to a “Res-ponsive Design”, showing them optimized and prepared to offer a design adapted to mobile phones.

#3. Changes in the Meta Descriptions

A few weeks ago Google also showed in its SERP much longer descriptions than we were used to seeing.

Why do these snippets appear so changed that they had 155 characters before and now reach 320?

Because Google gives priority to show that content that best suits the searches of users.

#4. Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is one of the keys for this 2019. Google considers it the third key factor in the face of positioning.

What is Google RankBrain?

It is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that, thanks to a learning system, measures the interaction of users with respect to search results.

How does it work?

Try to detect your most frequent interests in order to show you personalized results. This algorithm has been used since 2015 and every time Google is betting more on it.

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