Six Tips on How to Wear Letterman’s Jacket

Letterman’s jacket is a timelessly voguish outwear staple. This gender-neutral jacket first emerged on the horizon as a functional and supportive garment for athletes during the 1980s. The varsity jacket didn’t take long to make a lasting impression on fashion and pop culture trends.

Today, the letterman’s jacket exists as a style-savvy remnant reminding us of the roaring 80s. It’s a highly versatile piece of clothing that you can layer up with dozens of outfits. Does your partner own a varsity jacket from high school that you’re dying to wear? Or perhaps, you want to relive your high school fantasies by investing in a letterman’s jacket?

Either way, this investment will work wonders at elevating your wardrobe and jazzing up everyday outfits. We’ve put together a fun round-up of tips to help you make the most of this voguish garment.

How to Wear Letterman’s Jacket?

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  1. Play up the Patchwork

Patchwork brings out the best in a letterman’s jacket. Why is that? You see, a varsity jacket carries all the accomplishments of an athlete. It’s a garment that is worn with pride and confidence. The funny thing is, one need not become an athlete to flaunt this classy outwear staple. You can think of it as a way to commemorate your memories from high school. Or perhaps, create multiple jackets to distribute amongst your teammates or friends.

Suppose you want to design the letterman’s jackets with multiple patches for your friends. It’s wise to invest in chenille letter patches at wholesale price to enjoy a budget-friendly deal. The chenille patches come at various price ranges, and finding an affordable range can be challenging. When shopping at wholesale prices, you can get creative and explore a variety of designs.

For instance, you can work with numbers if you play football or basketball. Or you can find patches to spell out your name or initials on the back. Finding the right price is crucial to execute this project without putting a dent in your pocket.

  1. Choose Dark & Rich Colors

The varsity jacket is meant to play up dark and rich color tones against its athleisure appeal. You can elevate your everyday style by pairing it with a rich shade of deep blue, red, burgundy, and black. A letterman’s jacket would look best when flaunted with an all-black or all-blue statement.

First, find the right color palette that offers versatility and can work well with your existing wardrobe. We suggest a blue and yellow, or red and black combination. Balance is always the key to putting together a style-savvy outfit.

Suppose you’re trying to style a black t-shirt with your black and white varsity jacket. You can complement the black shade with a lighter hue. For instance, you can pair the black t-shirt with crisp white pants and seal the look with your letterman’s jacket.

  1. Don’t Try Too Hard

The charm of a varsity jacket lies in the effortlessness of the statement. Therefore, you don’t want to end up trying too hard while styling an outfit. Keep things casual and comfortable, as if you stumbled out of bed and wore the first thing you found.

Don’t try to create complex and heavy layers as that would compromise the chicness of the varsity jacket. Instead, work with your most casual and basic layering staples. The letterman jacket will bring out the best clothing items that we throw at the far end of our closets like, basic black sweatshirts, cozy turtlenecks, etc. Work with these casual and understated garments and let the letterman’s jacket steal the show!

  1. Rock your Distressed Denim

Heavily distressed denim and varsity jackets are a match made in heaven. Ripped denim jeans can give your letterman’s jacket a voguishly chic, 80s appeal. You can put together a fun, retro outfit by pairing a tonal letterman jacket with a pair of ripped jeans.

It’s a simple and charming combo that will have you making smooth style transitions from day to night. Now, this is a classy statement that both men and women can rock with a bold attitude. You may take out your sleekest ripped denim jeans and pair them with your varsity jacket and a plain t-shirt. You can always play up your graphic t-shirts and bold colors, but it’s wise to avoid attention-grabbing layers.

You see, you want the varsity jacket to stand out and dominate this look. Therefore, be sure to keep the layers underneath simple and casual. Every layer you add must amplify the energy and appeal of the jacket. Go with black or blue ripped denim jeans and sealed the look with rugged military boots. You’ll be amazed to see how effortlessly chic this straightforward outfit idea will turn out to be.

  1. Layer All-White Statements

Do you want to create a neat and crisp outfit with your black or blue letterman’s jacket? An all-white outfit is your best bet, and you can work with a wide array of layering staples. For instance, you can pair a white hoodie with your blue varsity jacket, sealing the look with white pants. Or perhaps, you’d like to play up a basic white t-shirt with blue denim and the black letterman’s jacket.

People often hesitate when working with all-white street-style outfits. An all-white color palette can prove daunting, but it would look spectacular with a color-block letterman’s jacket. Consider pairing the jacket with cozy knitwear, turtlenecks, and crew-neck sweaters if you prefer structured outfits.

  1. Bring out the Solids

The best advice one can give about styling a letterman’s jacket is playing up the solids. Dark, rich, and neutral-toned solid colors bring out the best in the crisp, athleisure appeal of a varsity jacket. When styling a letterman’s jacket, it can simply never go wrong with the solids, and no color is off-limits. The idea is to pair up a plain, solid t-shirt beneath your jacket to compliment it with a rich and energetic color palette. You can work with neutrals, like black, grey, white, red, and blue. Or you can get bold and break the rules with the colors like jade, turquoise, orange, pink, and burgundy.

Final Thoughts

Styling a letterman’s jacket is incredibly fun, especially if you’re aware of its retro charm and fashion history. The letterman’s jacket is a fashion-forward token of vintage trends that will continue to dominate the fashion radar for all eternity. Experimenting with different layers and outfits will help you elevate your everyday style with confidence.

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