Smart Corporate Video Production Tips from the Pros

Corporate videos are effective marketing strategies that are inherently fun to watch. As they’re easy to share through social media, they help build brand awareness relatively quickly. In corporate environment some Video Production Tips are followed or carried out by professionals.

They’re multi-purpose, too, since you can use these for case studies, product and service demonstrations, and investor presentations, among many others. 

While a Melbourne video production company is your best bet for corporate video production, you can make your own, too. All you just need to do is follow these pro tips on video production: 

Work on a Script

As with any other presentation, you need to plan out your video production. It’s essential to follow a script rather than make an impromptu performance in front of the camera. 

As you write your script, be sure to avoid heavy-handed words. At the same time, don’t dwell too much on casual language. This video aims to get in touch with the viewers, and a thoughtfully written script can help you achieve that. 

Short is Indeed Sweet

Video production Melbourne experts always say that the shorter your video is, the better. 

Ideally, your video should only run for a maximum of three minutes. You can do this by using concise words and good visual communication. 

Should you find it hard to cut your corporate video production in under three minutes, the best alternative is to add these details to the comments. Videos often come with blog posts and social media posts, so these venues are good areas to stuff in more content. 

Remember: While three minutes is the norm, you can extend the duration according to the subject. Training materials, for example, need more time for explanation compared to other videos. 

Go Straight to the Point

While teasers are all the rage in Hollywood, they don’t apply to corporate material. For this, you need to create something that drives the point home while reinforcing it along the way. 

Keep in mind that the main reason your viewers are watching is because of your video content. Establishing this early on helps spark interest. More importantly, it helps improve search engine results, too. 

That said, what needs to be included – and what should be edited out – is a common problem in post-production. To avoid this, it’s best to find corporate video production services in Melbourne. These usually come with seasoned editors who can help you create excellent pieces. 

Practice Makes Perfect

While focusing your gaze on the camera is essential, it’s not the only way to go. Doing only this will make your viewers lose interest in your video content. 

This happens when you seem stiff and awkward as you talk to the camera. Instead of listening to your message, your audience will just gravitate towards your fidgety gestures.

To avoid this, Melbourne video production experts advise reading the entire script before starting recording. This will help you understand the video’s gist so that you appear natural in front of the screen. 

It’s also important to practice the material beforehand. If you feel some stage fright, then try to perform relaxation activities a few minutes prior. 

It’s All About Location, Location, Location

The best video production makes use of a great location. 

While it’s great to shoot around in your office, you also have the option to choose a scenic, natural backdrop in Melbourne. That said, you need to plan your shoot location if you want to come up with an excellent masterpiece. 

When choosing a location, you need to consider the following the number of interior and exterior sites, the required treatment for each site, and the weather.

These factors will help establish continuity throughout the shoot, so your finished product won’t appear like pieced amateur shots. 

Dress to Impress

First impressions last. While most people would go for formal business attire, it’s not the only option. When it comes to wardrobe, you should choose something that reflects your message, as well as your environment.

If you want your video to mimic an expert video production company’s videos, you need to be consistent with your clothes. This is known to work well, especially if you are wearing a trademarked or branded attire. 

Have Strong Evidence

If you are presenting a tall claim, you need to back it up. 

For example, if you’re citing a study, you need to put a link in the video production. You can also use motion infographics as these can help solidify your statement. 

This is another area that needs a good editing. It’s essential to create a seamless blend between factual data and video, which will help make your presentation interesting. 

Production is Premium

Production value is just as significant when making a business video. This means having good lights and sounds for your presentation. 

Remember, what’s good to the naked eye may not be flattering on video. This is why lighting is vital, as it can help make colors appear uniform throughout the video. Even if it’s sunny at your location, you will still need reflectors to prevent shadows and exaggerated highlights. 

As for sound, a good microphone will come in handy. After all, it can record different ranges of sound frequencies. Placing this mic appropriately is just as important, as not doing so will end up drowning your voice against the background sound. 

Because of the importance of lights and sounds, you need to find corporate video production services to help you out with this. Without them, you might need to invest in these expensive devices yourself. 

Tell a Convincing Story

Your three-minute video production might be shorter than you like, but it’s all you need to tell a convincing story.  

You can make your presentation memorable by delivering a noble message or acting out a heart-melting piece. Whatever video you decide, remember that it’s all about appealing to the audience’s emotions. 

Call Your Viewers to Action

Even if you’re close to the three-minute mark, it doesn’t mean that you should just end your video production abruptly. 

After imparting your brand and message, make sure to include a conclusion. You can make your audience engage more with an excellent call to action. It could be as simple as putting your offer details at the end of the show.

Video Production Tips In Conclusion 

Creating a great corporate video production as an amateur may be challenging, but it’s possible. As long as you follow these tips, you can develop a fantastic video production for your co-workers and customers alike. 

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