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Importance of Social Media Presence for Small Businesses

You have started a small venture and now, you are trying to market it online. For which, you set up a new website and created a Facebook page, now what? What is next? How are you going to reach your targeted audience? And how exactly are you going to promote your business online?

So many questions, right?

Too much of confusion, duh!

Take a deep breath, calm down, we are here to assist you.

Starting a business is hard and getting people to know about it is troublesome. But did you know, there is a way to effectively market your business online and easily reach your audience without much hindrances and hard work?

Yes, you read it right!!

It doesn’t take much to sit in front of your customers and win their trust. Believe it or not, you are just an effective social media strategy away in order to win your customers loyalty and their hearts. Without a doubt, utilizing social media in business is an extraordinary method to connect with current clients and pulling in new ones. On the off chance, you are unable to draw in more customers, chances are you are doing it all wrong.

If you haven’t begun marketing on social media you will need to comprise a good social media strategy. And if you already have social media presence but didn’t get any benefits yet, you will need to re-evaluate your strategy. In any case, we are here to get you through!

Here is everything you need to know about Social Media for small businesses. We will be covering the following points:

1. Why social media presence is important for small and new businesses
2. Social media marketing tips
3. What are the right Social Media platforms to market your business
4. How effective Social media is in your industry and how to device effective social media strategy
5. Social media marketing and management tools

Social Media Presence for small businesses is Vital

One of the most important techniques to connect with the customers and consumers is through social media. Utilizing social media can help in branding, cause a significant increment in your client base, build trust and loyalty among your current clients, and help in attracting new customers as well.

Promoting through social media is simple for small business as long as you effectively post on social media pages. Here are some reasons why social media presence is vital for small businesses and how small organizations can really have more accomplishment on social media than bigger organizations:

– Drives targeted traffic
– Boosts SEO
– Builds the relationship with the audience
– Improves brand image
– Better ROI

Social Media Drives Targeted Traffic To Your Site

It is safe to say that you are experiencing difficulty in getting traffic to your site? No traffic means no awareness and no awareness means no conversions. That is disappointing, right?

Social media to the rescue!!

You want to drive traffic to your website but haven’t succeeded yet? Try social media!

Approaching your targeted customers helps in getting significant traffic to your site. When you post a blog, it can require a long time to get crawled by Google. That implies not many people will know that you have added new content to the site, to the point when they come to your site searching for the product/service you are offering.

Social media posts give a chance to the general public to find your new content, products, and services and navigate to your webpage. Also, in light of the fact that those posts will basically appear in the feeds of the audience specifically searching for that product, that traffic is extremely focused on. It won’t simply boost your traffic— it will acquire the right audience you need to pull in.

Here is how to drive traffic to your website,

  1. Identify who your targeted audience is; their behavior, demographics, age, and more
  2. Set up your goals
  3. Engage with your viewers and offer them useful and relevant content
  4. Hold surveys, ask questions, connect with your audience
  5. Analyze and adjust your marketing strategy
  6. Use brand recognition
  7. Associate with influencers
  8. Increase customer retention and brand loyalty
  9. Market and remarket
Social Media Boosts SEO

Social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two firmly intertwined methodologies. Both are natural, inbound methodologies that rely on building an engaging identity that normally pulls in the audience.

Since social media depends on the quality content, the endeavors you spend on SEO can doubly enhance your social media reach. In the same way, your social media presence and effective social media strategy can enormously build your search rankings.

Following are the ways in which your business’s social media presence and correct marketing strategy can boost your site’s SEO:

  1. More the followers better the traffic and search engine rankings
  2. More external inbound links better the site’s authority
  3. Keywords optimized social media posts can also appear in SERPs
  4. Social sharing promotes brand awareness creating a positive image in Google’s eye
  5. Locally optimized posts impact positively on local SEO
Social Media Connects You With The Audience

Setting up your social media for the first time can be challenging. A lot of organizations intuitively adopt a hard sell strategy. They immerse their audience with discount codes, announce new products, and indulge in getting feedback from the client and performing surveys. In this way, you can gain pretty decent momentum, but not what they actually they expected. This makes them feel that social media is not the best match for their brand.

On the other hand, the general public would prefer not to be pitched to — they need legitimate connection. When you quit considering social to be an approach to pitch your clients and begin considering it to be an approach to interface with them, it can change your brand. You help customers and consumers by noting their inquiries, engage and illuminate them with content, and even shape bonds over shared interests.

This means you can build a strong relationship of trust, loyalty, and understanding with your customers and potential customers. And as a result, this can hugely impact in improving traffic and ROI.

Social Media Helps In Branding

Social media can help largely in creating a positive brand image and also help in brand recognition. According to the Texas Tech University report, brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers. The reason is pretty simple when you’re drawing in general public on social media, you’re not building association and affinity. You’re setting aside the opportunity to give your supporters valuable data, help, and answers, without requesting anything consequently.

That shows clients you esteem them, not only as a source of income but rather as individuals. Clients will start to consider you to be someone that thinks about them and has qualities, identity, and vision. And in an aggressive market, that can have a colossal effect.

Social Media Can Also Increase ROI

Finally, Social media can largely help in improving the ROI of the company. Did you realize that 70% of B2C advertisers have procured clients through Facebook? Or on the other hand that 84% of CEOs and VPs say they utilize social media to help settle on acquiring choices?

Of course, when you remain before your client base, will probably purchase from you when they require the items you offer, yet social media marketing does significantly more than improving brand presence. You can impact client purchasing choices at different focal points along the business pipe, from enhancing the compass of white papers and online journals focusing over the channel, to noting client addresses and tending to torment focuses, to boosting buyers with coupon codes.

By understanding the requirements of your targeted audience, by staying in front of your customers and answering their questions, by offering your consumers what they want with ease, you can not only drive a significant amount of traffic to your site, you can also improve ROI as well.

With this, we will conclude our first part of emphasizing the importance of social media presence for small businesses. In our next blog, we will be talking about Social Media Tips and Strategies and so on. Stay connected!!

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