How to Remove Dental Plaque Induced by Smoking

Dental plaque is one of the numerous problems smoking brings to its lovers. The smoke inhaled through the mouth makes teeth and oral mucosa the first target for the negative influence of nicotine. A change in teeth color is the first noticeable abnormal change.   

From initially white, teeth become yellow or even brown. They get covered with stains that are impossible to remove with your toothbrush, no matter how hard you try. It happens because of the influence of substances contained in cigarette smoke. They stay on the porous surface of the teeth and get deeper and deeper, changing their color.

The problem isn’t only a matter of aesthetics. The yellow plaque turns into greyish with time. It becomes thicker and starts destroying the gums. They get inflamed and their blood supply gets reduced. The next stages are bleeding, severe periodontal disease, cavities, and dental tartar. If not treated, these problems may lead to the loss of teeth.

How Can You Know It Started

These are the symptoms that can signify that you already have a problem:

  • Gums turn pale white
  • Alveolar parts of teeth cover with a dark brown plaque
  • Bad breath

The Colors of Smoker’s Dental Plaque

Different colors of plaque depend on the factors that have caused its appearance. Here are the possible colors:


White plaque appears on the mouth of every person in the world throughout the day and night. It’s soft and can be easily removed by brushing. If proper oral hygiene is always maintained, it’s not dangerous.


The causes for the green color of your dental plaque can be caused either by the deformation of pellicle or fungal infection.

Yellow or brown

This is a usual thing for those who enjoy smoking or drinking lots of black tea or coffee. This color appears because of pigments in the substances that constantly come into contact with the oral cavity. It cannot be removed at home, only in the office.


It’s the neglected case. The plaque turns black if the processes that made it yellow and brown weren’t stopped in time.

How Can the Smoker’s Plaque Be Removed?

As you already probably understood, it is impossible to completely get rid of plaque caused by smoking at home. But you can at least improve the situation. This is how you can do it:

  • Scrupulous dental hygiene – in this case, it’s a must. It’s better to brush your teeth not twice a day but after each meal. Mouthwash will also be a good idea.
  • Home whitening – you can use bleaching strips, special mouthguards with whitening gel or essential oils.
  • Special whitening toothpaste may improve your dental color but remember that such products are aggressive to the dental enamel and cannot be used permanently.

If you still won’t be satisfied with the color of your teeth, today, teeth whitening is available at most dental clinics. There are different options and procedures – consult your dentist to choose the one that will work best for you. And remember that whitened teeth should be taken care of, otherwise the white color won’t stay for a long time.

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