Is Sun a Friend or an Enemy to Women?

Who doesn’t love sunny days? Chilling on the beach on the seashore, relaxing your mind and watching your body cover with that beautiful bronze color – what can be better? Well, sunlight is not all about chilling and fun. It can benefit your health or harm it – it depends on how you use it.

Be Careful with the Sun

Perhaps you’ve all heard what UV-radiation of the sun is and that it causes skin cancer and makes your face cover with wrinkles much earlier than it’s supposed to. Many people think that covering themselves with a sunscreen with big SPF will prevent any risks. However, people need more information about the risks related to sunlight (women in particular).

Sun and breasts

Many women like to get sunbaths tipless to avoid the white strap traces on the tanned skin. However, if you have any issues related to the health of your breasts, the sun can be dangerous for them. It boosts the growth of the tumors. The nipples are especially vulnerable because their skin is very thin and vulnerable to sunlight exposure.

Sun and obstetric diseases

Women who have uterine fibroids, endometriosis or other cellular pathologies in their reproductive organs, should be very careful with the sun. The big doses of UV-radiation can boost the estrogen level which leads to the growth of tumors which are hormonally dependent. Consult your fibroid or endometriosis specialist about the recommendations concerning sunbaths.

Sun and immunity

The high doses of the UV-radiation can influence our immunity in a negative way. The immune cells in the upper layers of the skin die under this influence. This process affects the ability of the entire body to resist viruses.

There’s Some Good News Too

However, we’re not going to demonize the sun. It also has benefits for our health, so you shouldn’t be terrified of it. Below are the undoubted advantages of spending time on the sun.

Sun and mood

Sunlight is the best natural antidepressant. It helps the human body to synthesize a vital element – vitamin D. Our pituitary gland starts producing more endorphins – the hormones thanks to which we feel happy.

Sun and PMS

The effect of the boost of estrogen production isn’t bad if you have no obstetric issues. Under the sunlight, your reproductive organs are more sensitive to this boost. This helps balance the hormonal balance, regulate the menstrual cycle, increase sexual drive and relieve heavy symptoms of PMS.

Sun and skin

Although sunlight does increase the risk of having skin cancer and early aging, moderate doses of the sun can benefit oily skin. The sunrays occur a drying and antibacterial effect on the skin, which helps reduce inflammation and acne.

As you can see, the sun can not only harm a woman’s health but also benefit it. You shouldn’t completely avoid it, just be careful. Protect your skin with the sunscreen, avoid being in the sun at noon, when the Uv-radiation is especially strong, protect the most vulnerable places. If you have hormonal, breast, obstetric or skin issues, consult your doctor and determine a safe strategy of being in the sun.

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