Eyelash Extension 101

Poets, storytellers, and writers have always emphasized the eyes when describing a woman’s beauty. There’s a reason behind it. Eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul, and it glorifies every part of a woman’s being. So it wouldn’t be wrong if you wanted to add some more zing to your already beautiful eyes.

The cosmetic industry has come up with many trends to enhance the eyes, and lash extensions is just one of many ways. Eyelash extensions are different from false lashes. Eyelash extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes with glue and last as long as the natural growth cycle or about six weeks. On the other hand, falsies are more temporary and tend to last only for a few hours.

Are Eyelash Extensions Harmful To Your Natural Eyelashes?

If not applied correctly, the extensions can get irritating for your natural eyelash. So, it is essential to get your extensions done by a lash professional. Ask questions until your doubts are clarified. More importantly, you should do your research and understand the process deeply before getting it done.

The eyelash extensions are attached with the help of applicator glue. Glue is applied to your eyelash, and then the extension is grafted on your eyelash. Neither the extension nor the glue is supposed to come in contact with your skin. 

The growth of each of your natural eyelashes varies from each other. One extension is attached to the selected natural eyelash. Suppose a single extension is used for two lashes when one of your eyelashes grows. In that case, the extension also outgrows and pulls another eyelash attached to it, eventually pulling the hair follicle and causing damage.

Eyelash Extensions 101 - Makeup Artist Pro

Another important thing to note here is that the eyelash extension should be no longer than double your actual eyelash. Otherwise, it may cause unnecessary pressure on your natural eyelash.

Also, the lashes shouldn’t be too heavy.

Lastly, the after-care is just as important as the application. You need to adhere to many things after applying those beautiful long lash extensions to ensure that they last longer.


  1. First 24 hours

You shouldn’t wet your lashes for 24 hours after application. The glue takes approx 24- hours to bond and dry on the eyelashes. In case you have makeup on, you can use makeup wipes to remove the makeup.

Beauty Guide - How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Properly
  1. Do not mess with your extensions

One of the most obvious suggestions that you’ll receive that do not pick, play, pull or mess with your extensions. They are not things to fidget with, and you should keep your hands of them.

  1. Brush them

You need to brush them with the help of an eyelash brush at least once or twice a day. In case you leave them unattended, they might get tangled and damage the other lashes around them.

  1. Falsies are a complete no-no

Some people feel the need to apply falsies over and above the extensions. You cannot and should not apply false lashes above the extensions. Your natural eyelashes may not be able to bear so much weight. This might eventually damage your hair follicle and your natural eyelash.

Eyelash Extension Care 101: How to Take Care of Lash Extensions
  1. Stay away from oil

Oil and the extension glue do not go well with each other. So you should keep your eyelashes away from any product that might contain oil. Most of the cleansers or moisturizers contain oil. Try to use them in a way that they do not touch and bother your extensions.

  1. Don’t use commercial mascara.

By commercial mascara, we mean any normal mascara that contains oil. If you feel the need to plump up your lash game towards the end of your extensions, you can use oil-free mascara or lash mascara. A lash mascara has a water base and will make your extensions log without damaging them. Also, try to avoid using an eyelash curler too.

Eyelash Extensions 101: Everything You Should Know | StyleCaster
  1. Keep your extensions clean

It is very important to keep your extensions clean, especially if you apply makeup regularly. Commonly, eye makeup gets clogged near your extensions, which spoils your extensions and makes your eyes look dirty. Use micellar water or makeup wipes to get your eye makeup out correctly.

  1. Refilling in 2-3 weeks

The life cycle of each extension depends on the growth of the corresponding natural eyelash. There is no way your lash tech can know which eyelash is in its final growth period. So some extensions may grow out faster while the others may be there for proper six weeks. If you want your extensions for a longer period, you need to get the refilling done every two-three weeks.

Conclusion – eyelash extension 101

We agree there are many things to take care of before and after applying for extensions. Still, we promise those long extensions will make all the effort worth it.

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