The Royals Season 4 Finale Review – Here Is What To Expect From The Royal’s Season 5

Almost all of us have seen the finale of The Royal’s season 4 and it’s been huge. The wedding we’ve all been sitting tight for has happened. Yes, we are talking about our own one of a kind TV royals King Robert (Max Brown) and his adored Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) getting married. The wedding brought the perfect opportunity to expose king Robert to the world. We see drama over drama, emotions over emotions, and surprises over surprises. Here is a brief The Royals Season 4 Finale review.

The Royals Season 4 Finale Review


First a little summary of what happened,

Before episode finale, it has always appeared like the couple was pretty infatuated and prepared to go up against the government together, however after Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) cautioned Willow that Robert wasn’t to be believed, their royal marriage fell into question. Willow’s emotions aside, there was as yet an overthrow in progress and that meant the world needed to work out as expected! While whatever remains of the family was going for a more inconspicuous approach, Willow chose to take her worries to her future spouse.

Willow: “I know you caused the blackout”
Robert: “Who told you that?”

Rather than ratting out Eleanor, Willow said that she reached the conclusion all alone. However, it wasn’t only the harm the power outage caused that concerned Willow, it was Robert’s oppressive takeover that gave her pre-wedding cool feet.

“Parliament exists for a reason! One person shouldn’t hold all the power, it’s too tyrannical. History uncovers that out,”

disappointed Willow shouted. To which Robert tried to clear his stance by saying,

“I’m not concerned about history. Parliament was a sham, full of corruption and greed.”

Stressed that the nation had lost its direction, Robert remained by his vision and his administration in spite of Willow’s worries. In any case, it was those exceptional worries that were shielding her from walking down the aisle.

On the other hand, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) taught the crew to be alert and avoid any mistake by saying,

“Eleanor: You continue designing the wedding. Liam: All your best man obligations. Bodyguard: Security. Cyrus: Fondle the help. Everything as it’s always been. Do not slip up.”

Willow told Helena that she cannot marry Robert and he needs to stop whatever he is doing with tears in her eyes. Moreover, she was eager to do whatever it took to end his rule, regardless of whether that implied uncovering Robert amid their wedding. She was so concerned and upset over what Robert has done that she even planned to expose him. She said,

“I could expose him. In front of the world, during my vows. I could tell the world what he’s done and who he’s been.”

With everybody on board and an all-inclusive strategy set up, Jasper (Tom Austen) looked for the assistance of the ruler’s security head James Hill (Rocky Marshall) to bring Robert down if things escape hand, however, when he can’t, Jasper swung to a more reliable enemy.

Sticking to the plan, Liam (William Moseley) went to Robert hours before his pre-marriage ceremony for a round of chess and a little brotherly exhortation. Despite the fact that there was an amusement impacting everything, it wasn’t rivalry Liam was there for. And this was pretty evident when he said as he left the room,

“Dad wanted to disband the monarchy because he understood how that kind of power can corrupt even the best of us.”I didn’t come here to compete with you. I just wanted to spend a few minutes with my brother, remind him that I love him and tell him that when he was at his best, no one loved him or appreciated him more than I did.”

With feelings running high, it looked like Liam may experience some kind of hysteria as well. However, in spite of the family’s blended feelings, the time had come to recognize the cold hard reality and get this coup…we mean wedding, began!

Lamentably, the arrangement — which was for Willow to seize the function and report that Robert caused the power outage — hit a slight tangle when the lady of the hour chose not to expose her life partner’s truth, picking rather to state her pledges and turn into the new Queen of England. So basically, there was no overthrow. Rather, the match traded the conventional “I dos” and left us at the sacred place.

Also, that wasn’t the hour’s just huge shock. Notwithstanding Eleanor and Jasper kinda-sorta getting ready for marriage, the Royal Wedding additionally motivated Violet to re-enter the photo, much to Cyrus’ happy mistrust. With respect to Kathryn, who seemed to have been grabbed in the scene’s last minutes, she has a regal bun in the broiler — yet is it unquestionably Liam’s?

A quick review of what happened and what we can expect from the next season of The Royals,

  1. Willow decided to unveil his about-to-be husband’s reality to the world but ended up getting married without exposing him.
  2. Jasper and Eleonor are all set to get married and their pre-engagement came as a shocker, but to know what is going to happen now, we have to wait until the next season.
  3. Violet returns to the show that gives us pretty positive feels about the next season as she is quite a positive person.
  4. Katherine is pregnant but we are still unsure whose baby is she carrying. It could be of Liam or it could be of Robert. No matter whose child is it, one thing that we know for sure is that it will be causing a lot of trouble for both the brothers and the royal family.
  5. Lastly, the kidnapping of Kathyrin is also another reason to stay thrilled for the upcoming season of The Royals.

So what’s next for our most loved royals? We’ll simply need to keep a watch out! And hey, don’t forget to watch the episode if you haven’t yet. Here is the promo of The Royals Season 4 Finale.

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