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Top 5 Jason Mraz Tips That Will Launch Your Musical Career

If there are two things that can completely describe Jason Mraz as a musician and a person, the audience loves him, and he has a warm heart. There are also two things that show this is true. One is the massive demand for Jason Mraz concert tickets from his many fans all across the globe. The second one is the humanitarian work that he will continue to do in the future. 

Another reason why Jason Mraz tickets sell out pretty fast is his stunning live performances, great songs and studio albums, and his exciting voice. In addition, he is known for communicating well with his fans and the media, and he once gave five musical pieces of advice for future musicians. These can be great tips for musicians and singers, but also good tips for life in general. So let’s get right into it and see why these five Mraz musical tips are accurate.

Use Every Opportunity To Perform At The Highest Level

Jason Mraz has said that he performs at the highest level possible, whether playing in a small coffee shop or the Royal Albert Hall. This is so true. Use every chance you get, especially when you are just starting as a beginner. You are performing on the stage, so why not make it worth it every single time.

Every time you play an instrument, sing, dance, and you have the chance to do it in front of an audience, use the opportunity to prove yourself. Someone will notice that. And that someone will talk about it to their best friend, and your audience will grow little by little. That is what Jason Mraz did; he played for years and had self-released tapes. Fame doesn’t come after only one live gig. Perform the best every time you go out on the stage, and remember to enjoy the process. 

Jason proves this constantly, and even today, even though he is extremely famous, he gives his all every gig. So this is great for the fans also. For example, if you buy Jason Mraz tickets Chicago to see him live, and you think it would have been better to buy Jason Mraz Las Vegas tickets, you are mistaken. He will play at his best in every place he performs. So it would help if you did the same.

Playing Various Instruments Unlocks Inspiration Doors

This advice is one of the most important from Jason Mraz. He says that he would play anything because once you try any instrument and play it, that could send you in another direction and open inspirational doors you never knew about before. 

It is basically like throwing darts and seeing where it is going to land or what inspiration it will bring to the table. Also, when you pick up a new instrument, you get a different vibe that instantly motivates you to invent something new and make an authentic song. Even if you are at the starting point of your career, you can still benefit from this advice because, as an artist, you have to refresh your inspiration continuously. In addition, playing various instruments can be beneficial for mixing musical styles and genres in your songs and make them more playful.

Trust Yourself But Also Take Advice Sometimes

Jason Mraz thinks that every musician should find their own authentic sound. And no one can argue with that or deny it at any level. The most valuable thing is to lose yourself in the moment and in your own inspirations and goals that will guide you to your authentic musical path. You have to work continuously and believe in yourself and your instincts. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean one should become completely stubborn and not listen to anyone. That is why it is good sometimes to listen to advice, try it, and see if it works for you. Why deny it? You won’t lose anything if you try. Artists should be coached to try to find their authentic self that by itself will guide them to original artwork, or a song, or a painting, or anything else they want to do. So again, trust yourself but make a balance and don’t limit yourself; sometimes it is nice to listen to some advice. 

You Have to Push Through Stage Fright; You Can Beat It

You know you can do it, and remember that we all go through stage fright. Taking chances is what makes it work in the end, and this is what matters the most. Mraz says that he feels like his singing is a superpower and tries to sing his way out of stage fright. When you practice a lot, and you try repeatedly, you will be confident that your singing and playing are good and no one can scare you.

And let’s put arguably the best actor of all times, Daniel Day-Lewis, in this part, who says that at an early stage of his career, he realized that the road to success is to try constantly, and it is essential to fail and be foolish. You won’t lose anything; you will only become better for the next time. 

The Audience Knows

Last but not least, at the end of the list, a short piece of advice to wrap it all up. The audience knows. They always do and will show you if a song or performance is good or bad. You will feel the energy and how loud they are. But remember, even if they don’t like something, your goal is to improve from it and become better every time.

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