2022’s Top 3 Fake ID Websites

Fake identification cards are a special kind of document that is used by a wide range of individuals. Many people who want to safeguard their identities always use them to get around age limits that prevent them from going to places like pubs and clubs in NYC.

Benefits of buying Fake IDs online

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For many Fake ID hopefuls, being anonymous and keeping their private life is essential. Most people seeking fake identification are minors, so if the Fake ID becomes traceable, one might face significant legal consequences.

Top-notch designs and quality

Fake id providers use up-to-date equipment to design, print, and prepare your Fake ID, incorporating the latest security features on legal issue id cards. Every element has a specific design and quality to it

Don’t forget that different states have different security features. Therefore, always review templates for your state id before buying.

How to buy one?

Placing an order and purchasing a false id is a simple procedure. However, prospective users must guarantee that the process stays secret or anonymous. The customer and the online website are both protected by confidentiality.

You must first choose the appropriate phony id or paper. Examine the costs, delivery addresses, false id material, and other details. It will make it easy to utilize and recall the information on your phony id.

Where to buy Fake IDs?

If you wish to buy Fake IDs, then you should check out these sites: 


ID God is the place to be if you’re looking for the best fake id. ID God can provide you anything from a novelty-style fake to an authentic-looking government-issued ID, and it offers many different types of IDs that suit your needs.

The right card stock is used in IDGOD’s printing. Polycarbonate card stock, used in printing by several states nowadays, is also used by Idgod. Their ID has a unique sound when dropped, much like a CD when dropped on its edge. The micro print on the card is a perfect match for the cardholder’s picture. The perforated state outline is sharp and shimmers convincingly.

What makes IDGOD Fake ID’s a top choice?

  • 18 years of market experience
  • They print on the correct card material
  • Micro prints are accurate
  • Perforated state outline is inch-perfect
  • Optical variable ink of three dots
  • Front side ultraviolet is placed correctly
  • The ultraviolet ghost picture on the back of the card and the cardholder’s date of birth are accurate.
  • The card’s 2D barcode scanning capability was successfully evaluated.


Bogusbraxtor’s Fake IDs are designed to seem like legitimate identification cards issued by the United States, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom. Currently, Bogus Braxtor offers the widest variety of counterfeit identification cards that can be scanned and are foolproof even for highly skilled investigators.

Bogusbraxtor can help you get the job done correctly the first time around. Unlike other manufacturers, they promise prompt delivery, so you won’t have to wait for months. They don’t believe in making you feel uncomfortable about using our Fake IDs as some other sites do. Their Fake IDs are so well made that they can fool even the most seasoned bouncers, scanners, and other identification test administrators.

Bogusbraxtor has been in the Fake ID business for years, producing phony documents for use in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They are up-to-date on the most recent issued designs, have a variety of commercial driver’s licenses, and issue under 21 vertical ids.

Bogusbraxtor uses Polycarbonate in its printing for states that use the card material. Since polycarbonate material and printers are so pricey, this is one of the few sites that use them. 

There are several claims online that Bogusbraxtor cards are valid. This is incredible since no previous forgeries have been able to fool the black box up until now.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the black box works, remember that it checks the entered ID against a database of other IDs from the same state. The black box works like putting a dollar note into a change machine; it scans for variations to detect counterfeits.

Bogusbraxtor has quickly become one of the most reputable options for anyone needing a Fake ID.

What makes Bogusbraxtor a top choice?

  • Offers a wide variety of services.
  • Employs Polycarbonate for its prints and thus, declines the possibility of being caught as fake.
  • Has a magnificent reputation.
  • The perforations are perfect when light is directed to the back of the card.
  • When the card is under black light, the ultraviolet is flawless. 
  • Flawless Fake ID with crisp microprint viewed under magnification and optical variable ink.


FakeidReview is trusted because it has been operating since 2005 and has watched Fake ID sites come and go. The editors have over 17 years of expertise in the document editing industry and can spot a Fake ID a mile away.  

No other review site for Fake ID cards can compare to FakeidReview’s longevity. The closest competitor to their domain age is more than 10 years younger.   

Every Fake ID card producer online has been contacted by FakeidReview through email, with the chance to be reviewed on the most popular fake id website. You’d assume that every ID website would automatically take advantage of this free offer. A single fake ID card is simple to produce and send using FakeidReview. In return, the creator’s Fake ID will be thoroughly evaluated.

Most people who produce Fake IDs aren’t pleased with the final product; therefore, they won’t submit it for expert approval. As time has gone on, FakeidReview has found that only the most refined players send their cards to be reviewed.

Remember that they are always looking for new Fake ID sites to review. For most new sites, it’s not because they haven’t heard of FakeidReview that they aren’t being reviewed. Let’s put it this way, if you create bad Fake IDs, that’s the only acceptable excuse to say no.

What makes FakeidReview a top choice?

  • Honest reviews of the best Fake ID providers.
  • Links to reliable Fake ID Sites.
  • Helps you find budget-friendly Fake ID manufacturers.

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