How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Dubai

Visiting the United States can be a golden opportunity in every person’s life. Getting a visa for entering the US is a challenging job. You need to get your US tourist visa formalities done in the right way. There are some nationals whose countries are stated with the US Visa Waiver Program and are not required to apply for visas like Andorra, Austria, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bahamas, and the United Kingdom.

US Tourist Visa Application

US visa from Dubai can be gained for various purposes like medical treatment, tourist purpose, employment, family functions, special events, and so on. If you aim for travel or vacation purpose, then you need to apply for a B2 visa. This visa will let you visit The United States of America as a tourist. This type of visa is valid for educational or employment purpose. In this type of visa, you can stay in the US for a maximum for six months. It is also eligible for an extension of six months that is subjected to approval. The granting process of a tourist visa is totally dependent on the US Embassy in Dubai that allows entering the city with the immigration authorities present at the airport.

how to apply for a US tourist visa in Dubai

Documents Required for US Tourist Visa from Dubai

  • Get a US visa application from Dubai form that is filled correctly and signed. You may need two recent passport size colored photographs that are taken on white background in a matte finish or semi-matte finish. Make sure your 80% of the face is shown in the picture. According to the rule, these pictures should not be older than 3 months while submission.
  • Your passport should have two blank pages in it for stamping purpose and it should be valid for minimum three months from your date of arrival in the United States.
  • The other important document that is essential during your form submission is the hotel reservation confirmation in the United States that states as a proof of residence in the US. Along with this make sure you attached your detailed itinerary that includes the copies of your return tickets.
  • Make sure you submit the copy of your US visit sponsor’s passport. If the US sponsor is a US citizen, then just a copy of the passport is fine. If the sponsor is the bearer of US visa, then it is necessary to carry a copy of sponsor’s visa along with the passport copy.
  • Do carry a copy of the visa sponsor’s bank statement that has sufficient funds to support your visit. This bank statement should show all the details of the previous month’s transaction.
  • Carry the printout of the sponsor’s postal address that should include the email address as well as the phone number. This is highly essential as the visa authorities are eligible to contact the sponsor and might ask few questions regarding the visa candidature.
  • Please carry and enclose all the documents that state the proof of your relationship with the sponsor, whether it is an official or personal relationship. If you are having an official relationship, then it is advisable to enclose an invitation letter from the sponsor along with the visiting card and the company’s profile for additional proof benefits.
  • If you are going for any conference or training in the US, then make sure all the details are being enclosed.
  • It is suggested to enclose the American visa fee in the described format for a hassle-free process.

US Tourist Visa Rejection

  • It is important to note that the application of the visa process is not successful just as you have submitted all your essential documents. The rejection and approval of a visa solely depend on the sole discretion of the US immigration authorities that are present in Dubai.
  • Kindly note down that in case the visa has been rejected; the visa fee will not be refunded. If all your visa process was successful and somehow you were unable to use it to fly to the US, then you will lose the visa fee.
  • Do not carry your mobile phone, liquids, makeup or any other object other than pen and paper to the consulate. If you break these rules then that might affect your visa approval process.

US Tourist Visa Interview Question from Dubai

  • Be honest to the visa authorities while answering to the questions asked. If the authorities cross check for any faulty answers, then you won’t be allowed to apply for US visa from Dubai ever again in your life.
  • Answer all the questions in a modulated way. Any aggressive behavior and bad responses will be considered as a suspect by visa authorities and your visa would be rejected then and there.
  • Answering all the questions sincerely should be your sole motto while you enter the cabin. You need to prove them you have enough ties and a good job to go back to your country. Dress properly and be ready with all the documents and answer honestly to all the questions asked by the authorities.

Getting a US visa from Dubai can be a hassle-free process if all the documents and answers are up to the mark.

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