US Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 – And why respecting teachers is important

The US Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 has arrived. This is a whole week celebrated in honor of the teachers that educate young pupil and in return also shape up the future of the country. A teacher has one of the most important jobs out there. Teachers shape up the society at whole, just as you can always remember a good teacher from your own school days that helped you out through a difficult period.

Everyone has a favorite teacher who they thank even after all these years for helping them grow their personalities and character. The teachers of today have a moral job and responsibility to nurture children no matter what background they are from and what kind of personality they possess. Most teachers stand out in this crucial task as they help young ones be the best of themselves.

US Teacher Appreciation Week 2019

Even after doing so much, sometimes teachers around the world feel less appreciated than they should be. This is because we don’t thank them enough. As a teacher’s job is very exhausting and it doesn’t end ever. On students holidays, the teacher still has some homework or test papers to check and organize their upcoming lectures and more.

Events such as the US Teacher Appreciation Week, help teacher at a large scale in the USA. As this might be the only time for most teachers to get a positive feedback from their students. Some positive remarks from your student or a heartwarming compliment for all the hard work and time you have invested in a student can certainly make a teacher feel wonderful.

This little week (US Teacher Appreciation Week) helps children/students too. As they can openly appreciate and admire their favorite teachers through gifts and kind words. Most schools have a no gift policy in which a student may offer a gift to their favorite teacher, but the teachers are not allowed to accept them. This rule is also weaved throughout the US Teacher Appreciation Week.

In the US,  there is actually a whole month which is called National Teacher Appreciation Month. And it takes place through the entire month of May each year. But in most places, a week is only celebrated, because you cannot put a hold on an entire month of education.  Hence the first week of May has officially been dubbed Teacher Appreciation Week.

First Tuesday in the Teacher Appreciation Week is designated as Teacher Appreciation Day. Most of the students show their appreciation and love on this day, through gifts. In many schools this day is fully spent in honor of teachers, meaning no school work, just a whole lot of love for teachers on this day. Not to be confused with World Teachers’ Day, which is a separate occasion, celebrated every year on October 5 in countries around the world.

US Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 Gifts

You can always come up with new and interesting gift ideas for your teachers. Teachers mostly admire just the gesture of gifting them, so really it can be anything you can gift your teacher. Even if you are not in school anymore, This shouldn’t stop you from gifting something special to your favorite teacher from back in the day. As chances are if you do remember them, they might also.

Here are some of our gift picks for US Teacher Appreciation Week 2019. You can grab these through from the links below.

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