Why PDF Is Considered a Universal Format

PDF is on the mouth of every person these days. It is the most used format for reading and editing documents leaving Doc format behind. Every business and industrial organization is switching to using this format. Not only that, but the government has legalized its usage in courts. So what is the reason for this much approval to develop in favor of PDF in various work sectors and to be used in homes? Let’s find that out in detail in the list specified below.

Reasons Why PDF is Considered a Universal Format


The number one reason that everyone is falling in love in this format is due to its compatibility with any software or hardware. You can open any file in this format as it will never be distorted like with other formats. 


Have you always been worried about the security of your written files being exposed to illicit beings? With PDF you can secure your documents with passwords. This way businesses can easily forward documents without the worry of it being visible to immoral people.


Pdf is considered legal by courts in the US since they cannot be edited without leaving a technical trace behind. These traces can be found out by expert people in the forces to convict the criminal and bring justice to victims. 

Graphical Advantage

A PDF document can be turned into a 3D, book-like layout for easier reading. Furthermore, you can make drawings and view other sketch formats by converting them to PDF for a simpler understanding of them. Illustrations can be showcased to customers by converting technical files to this format.


Did you know that you can compress a PDF file to the tiniest amount to take half the space it did as a whole? Yes you can, and it will still be readable. You can easily carry several of these compressed and readable files around while you travel. 

Easy To Share

You can upload it on PDFdrive and share with anyone anywhere. As it can be opened by any software and on any hardware, sharing this format with your friends or clients through email won’t be a problem as they can view it as it was created. Moreover, the graphics, charts and graphs in it will be well presented as well.


With various online tools to convert numerous formats into PDF format like SodaPDF, you can quickly get your document transformed without getting it distorted. They let you choose any file from your PC to convert it into PDF for free.


The annotating feature of the PDF is one of the best things about it. There are many advantages of being able to comment in a PDF file. You can save these comments as to future reminders in documents, send them back to get proofread and edited, share with friends or colleagues to solve a problem in a text and much more. In businesses, CEOs won’t have to send separate emails to instruct a document to be edited but can resend the file after placing some comments to save time.

Create Forms

The great use of PDF formats is that you can make them into contracts to be electronically signed through email. Yes! Now you don’t need to waste paper and mailing money on creating and sending agreements to clients or customers to get them signed. All you have to do it create a PDF e-sign document through specific tools and give access for it to be approved by a particular number of people.

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