Why Relocate Your Office to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a beautiful city in Southern California, which is famous for its beaches, iconic landmarks, and laid-back lifestyle. When it comes to business, this city also presents a host of benefits, from access to broader markets to expanded economic base. 

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Why Los Angeles? 

LA is not just a location for movies, but also a great place for start-ups. It is already competing with its northern neighbor, Silicon Valley, in terms of world-class economy and cheaper occupancy costs. Companies like Snapchat and Oculus have their offices in LA, joining Google and AOL on the site. 

The city has a population of roughly 10 million, with a workforce of five million. It is also home to several universities and colleges in California. The best thing about LA is that businesses can thrive due to highly-skilled young workers and substantial market opportunities. Read some of the reasons to relocate your office to LA.

Reasons to Relocate Your Office To LA

There are a lot of reasons to relocate your business operations to LA. Aside from the scenic neighborhoods and best commercial spaces, this city offers lower occupancy costs compared to other states. 

  • Diverse Customer Base

LA attracts hundreds of start-ups yearly because of its central location and diverse customer base. Aside from locals, which comprise 70%of its population, tourists also flock in the area. As a business owner, you can engage a diverse customer base and open more opportunities for partnerships. 

Although Silicon Valley is still a prime location for the technology sector, you can even build and expand your operations starting from LA. 

  • Access to Affordable Office Space

Believe it or not, the city of LA has several properties for lease at affordable prices. You can have a lot of options for office space in Los Angeles, with access to public transportation. For start-ups and small business enterprises, know that there are spaces that can fit less than 20 employees. 

The best part of relocating to LA is access to experienced brokers and commercial information networks. You can find a property online to save time and avoid stress. 

  • Bigger Tax Incentives

The city of LA implements the Business Tax Holiday program, which exempts small businesses with less than $100,000 gross receipts. If you are only earning a minimum of $50,000 monthly, you do not have to pay the gross receipt tax at all. 

This program has attracted small businesses to move and start business operations in the city. Taking advantage of the tax incentives can give you more opportunities to save and expand operations in the future. 

  • Diverse Talent Pool

There are lots of young and talented individuals who can help you increase sales and become more productive. Employees are essential to any company, as they are the backbone of the operations. If you are planning to relocate to LA, note that you can attract more brilliant staff with sound compensation and some perks. 

Relocating is a huge business decision. Give LA a try to see for yourself how you can grow into this city. 

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