Why So Many Parents Are Homeschooling Their Kids in Australia?

The number of concerned parents who have taken their kids out of the traditional state schooling system to educate their children at home, is growing exponentially. There are many variables that eventually lead to home-schooling; more people work from home, some parents are unhappy with what the state schools are teaching their kids, while others are concerned about the virus and choose to isolate their kids by hom-schooling.

Lost moral values

Many parents who were part of a large survey reported that they felt state schools were not modelling good moral values and as they work from home, decide to take on the role of teacher and self-educate their offspring. There are many Facebook groups for home-schooling moms and dads and they provide essential support and should be joined by all aspiring homeschoolers.

Distance working 

Perhaps the biggest reason for the surge in home-schooling is that many parents both work from home and with some organisation and a little sacrifice, they are able to provide a balanced education for their children. It can be a challenge to juggle the responsibilities, but a couple have each other for moral support when the going gets tough.

The best learning environment

Let’s face it, kids love the security of their home; it’s a place they feel safe and that is the perfect learning environment and with the best school furniture at grocorp.net.au you can create a stimulating environment in which to learn. Google is your best friend when it comes to knowing how to set up a cool learning environment, plus there’s lots of advice from seasoned homeschoolers, which will point you in the right direction.


It must be said that these are uncertain times we are living in and for many worried parents, learning at home is the only solution. The pandemic forced many schools to switch to distance learning and as the kids are used to this, it is easy to make the transition to mom and dad becoming the facilitator of the learning experience. We must accept that every time we leave our home, we are at risk of something or other and it is only natural to wish to keep your offspring near to you at home, without impacting their formal education. Here are a few aspects of modern education that needs reviewing.

Online support

The many homeschoolers are all connected by social media, so you’ll never feel you’re alone and many parents are happy to share their experiences with others. The Australian government makes it very clear what they expect from homeschooling parents, plus they offer many useful resources that enrich the experience for both teacher and student. Join Facebook groups for all the help you could ever need and merging with other parents to create learning groups is a great idea.

If you would like to learn more about homeschooling, search online for State websites that will tell you what you need to know in order to register.

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