Top Ways to Get Your Windows Squeaky Clean

Cleaning windows is not as simple as it may appear. You need to have proper skills, experience, and the right materials to get back the lost shine on your window glasses. There are many people who opt for professionals to do the job for them like the ones found at Kookaburra Window Cleaning. However, it is pretty simple to clean windows if you know what to do and how to do it. There are several tips that can help you get streak-free windows every time you decide to clean them. Some of these window cleaning tips have been discussed below for your knowledge.

Window Cleaning Tips

  1. Use 2 Different Scrubbers: It is always better to use 2 different scrubbers at the same time. One will be used to clean the outside of the glass and the other will be used to clean the inside. This will avoid carrying the bird excrements and pollutants from outside to the inside of the windows.
  2. Use Liquid Dish Detergents: Any good quality kitchen dish liquid detergent can easily get rid of grease and dirt and help the glass be slippery enough to allow your squeegee to glide smoothly. It will be a good idea to use a 100% biodegradable soap so that it will not cause any harm to the plants outside. When it comes to the inside, it will protect pets and toddlers who have a tendency of putting their mouths on the sills and windows.
  3. Vinegar Is A Good Choice: It will be a good idea to use vinegar to clean your windows if you prefer to use something natural as a cleaning product. Vinegar is basically acetic acid that can easily cut through grease and prevents streaks. This makes the liquid one of the best options for cleaning glasses. It is always better to use a solution that contains 50% tap water and 50% vinegar.
  4. Use New Rubber Blade on Your Squeegee: When you decide to use your squeegee, it will be a good idea to use a new rubber blade on it. A blade of around 12 inches to 14 inches in length will be a good choice. If you use a new rubber blade after each cleaning, it will prevent streaks.
  5. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: Do you find water stains and silicone caulk on your windows? Instead of using any other material to get rid of these marks, use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It can easily get rid of such marks without harming the glass.
  6. New Razor Blade Is Better: Has your house been newly painted and there is paint overspray on your windows? It will always be a good idea to use a razor blade to get rid of such marks. Before you use the blade, make sure to keep the window glass wet. It will also be a good thing to use a new razor blade every time you decide to use it. Using old blades may cause scratches on the glass due to the presence of microscopic rust particles that can damage the glass entirely.

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