TOP 7 Easy Car Activities for Traveling Families!

A road trip is always a good idea! This is a popular pastime for many American families. You are going to visit an interesting place by car and have much time to spend with your family. There are always so many questions about what car is the best for a family ride and how to find a really good destination. Enterprise car rental in Penticton or whenever you are in Canada or America has a big choice of family vans, SUVs, mid-size vehicles. But what are you going to do with your kids during the trip? Here are a few things you should always keep near at hand.

Packing Tips

  • Pack light even for the car trip
  • Pack individual bedtime kit for all passengers. Fill it with a blanket, a toothbrush, and a toothpaste for each.
  • Don’t forget to separate all things with the help of plastic bags. Thus, you may separate food from clothes, swimming gear, and laundry.
  • Write a packing list for each child. It can be a bag or a suitcase.
  • Make a leisure bag, filling it with board games, books, and all necessary devices your kids may use during the trip.

The Board Game of Battleship

Easy Car Activities

If you want to survive during the trip, it is better to have something in your luggage to make your children busy. Of course, you may download a couple of games on your smartphone and keep your kids busy this way. Modern gadgets are always helpful. Also, you may try to fill your valise with lots of special kiddy things to interested them and spend time wisely.

  1. Book of stickers
    All kids love stickers. Who doesn’t? This is a special book where kids of all ages can stick pictures on different topics. It can be on a topic of their favorite book, movie, comic book or something. What an interesting activity! But usually, it doesn’t take much time.
  1. Travel sketches
    Do you remember that time when you were a kid? When you are on the road you can see many interesting things on your way. How about drawing sketches? It can be really interesting to give a task to your kids to draw everything they like the most on the way. Later, at home, you can look through the kids’ sketches and share memories. Just don’t forget to pack an album and pencils for each kid.
  1. Magnets
    Magnets are the best and the most popular souvenirs you can buy for your friends and relatives. I don’t think you can allow your kids to play with them. It is better to take a special magnet board with a set of different magnets. Your kids can build up a composition, blocks, tiles, anything. It doesn’t take much time to create a composition but it keeps them busy for sure.

  2. Coloring books and pencils
    Coloring books are the best idea to entertain your kids in the car. Take pencils and a coloring book. This is a good activity even for youngest kids. Which book? You can pick anyone you can find in the market before you go. Even if you forget to take the book, you can buy it and a pack of crayons in the roadside shop.
  1. Books to read and listen
    Books are always a good idea to keep your kids busy during the trip. It is great if your kids can read. But what if they can’t? If you are traveling with your family, one of parents can read books. Also, you can buy a picture book and read it aloud or make up your own story. There is another great idea. You can buy an audiobook! Just listen to the audio record, turn the book pages and follow the plot. The idea is not bad. Think about it!
  1. Clipboard
    If you have a stamp set in the car or something like washable crayons, you can take a clipboard and use it with a sheet of paper to create a new masterpiece. Just keep an eye on your kids and tell them where the stamps and crayons can’t go. Anyway, you have to wash the car seats, windows, and your kids’ clothes after the trip.

  2. Postcards
    This can be on the best road trip ideas. Just buy a couple of postcards with the beautiful views of a country you are traveling through. Make your kids develop their writing or drawing skill to sign the postcards for their friends or relatives. They can write or draw something, share their emotions, the brightest impression. If you have stamps, you can send a mail and wait for the answer. Traveling with kids is always interesting. Don’t be afraid to do everything that comes to your mind if it seems interesting. If you don’t know what to do with your little passengers on the go, just ask them before the trip and you’ll have a long list of ideas.


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