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How to write a federal resume flawlessly

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Let’s begin with a brief explanation.

The federal resume is a document that was specifically made to apply for jobs in the US Federal government. Its correctness is of grave importance to your job application because the number of rules and guidelines this type of resume must follow is immense, and they sure are hard to follow for someone who has no extensive knowledge about their complexity and significance.


Here is some general information to help you understand why do you need to leave the writing of your resume to someone professional.

  • The use of a standard resume is strictly prohibited. The format of this document is completely different, plus the federal resume must contain all the data which is required by the job announcement.
  • All federal resumes must be written in chronological order from top to bottom. This is a government form, so every single mistake will inevitably cause the refusal of your application.


Moreover, this type of resume must contain some specific information regarding:

  • A number of the job offer, your future position and a grade of the job title.
  • Every single detail of your personal information, including the social security number.
  • The entirety of your education. Every diploma, certificate, and transcript.
  • Your work experience.
  • Your previous work accomplishments which are relevant to the type of job that you are applying to.


Leave it to the best professional resume writers.

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