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11 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Home

Between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it is hard to decide which is better and more efficient. It is as hard as deciding whether you should go for a Spectrum Internet only package or a bundled one! However, Google has always been a maestro when it comes to providing incredible user experience. And Google Home has lived up to the expectations related to the company’s name. 

Just by saying, “OK, Google”, you can tell your query or command to this listening device and make your life much easier. Google Home devices have achieved great traction in the markets. The Big G reports that the company has sold over 10 million units already. However, most of the users are unaware of the array of outstanding functions that it can perform. Let’s explore 11 cool and fun things to do with google home!

11 Incredible Things That You Didn’t Know Your Google Home Can Do

  1. Google Home Remembers Things for You.
  2. You Can Enjoy Playing Fun Family Games.
  3. Enjoy Ambient Sounds.
  4. It Reminds You to Work Out,
  5. It can find Your Phone for You.
  6. Explore a Whole New World of Stories.
  7. Broadcast Announcements.
  8. Have a Fancy Name.
  9. Customize how It Tells You About Your Day.
  10. Interact By Touch.
  11. Call an Uber.

Let’s explore these cool and fun things to do with google home. 

Google Home Remembers Things for You

We tend to forget a lot. Thanks to our hectic lifestyles! Some of the most common things you forget are where have you kept spare keys to your house, watering the garden, paying bills, and so on. Google Home can act as an extension of memory. You just have to tell it to remember things. Just say, “OK Google, the spare keys to my house are in my closet’s drawer.” You can ask it when you can’t remember. 

You Can Enjoy Playing Fun Family Games

Do you like to play entertaining games as a family? How about some indoor games with Google Home? You can set some chairs out in the living room and tell your Google Home to play Musical Chairs. It will even suggest some interesting dance moves to make you enjoy a little bit more. You can also play Freeze Dance, Guess the Sound, Sound Pet, and so on. 

Enjoy Ambient Sounds

Trouble falling asleep? Feeling stressed? Tell your Google Home,” OK Google, play white noise.” Or, “Help me relax.” Your device can play some soothing and relaxing ambient sounds whenever you feel like it. 

It Reminds You to Work Out

Are you someone who always needs a little nudge and motivation to get up and work out? Google Home is at your service! Ask it to remind you to work out at specific times of the day. 

It can find Your Phone for You

We have all been there! You kept your phone somewhere and it was on silent mode. Now you have to leave and you are unable to find it anywhere. Your fancy device has your back again! You just have to say, “OK Google, locate my phone.” And it will make your linked phone ring at its full volume. Enjoy an easy hunt under the couch cushions. 

Explore a Whole New World of Stories

Got many tots and kids at home? Google Home has plenty of stories to tell to your kids at the story times. Ask it to tell you all a story and it will have plenty of engaging stories to tell. These family-friendly tales provide some quality family time and are a nice alternative to aimless channel surfing on TV.

Broadcast Announcements

Time for dinner? How about a dinner bell or announcement with a modern upgrade? Broadcast a customized voice message to all the devices sharing the same Wi-Fi. You can have a variety of announcements from bedtimes, wake-ups calls, family gatherings, and so on. 

Have a Fancy Name 

Why settle for your birth name when you can have a little fun with another? How about Google Home addressing you as “Your Highness” or some fun nickname. You just have to ask it to change your name to the desired one. 

Customize how It Tells You about Your Day

With Google Home, it is almost a tradition to start the day with “Hey Google, enlighten me about my day.” It will respond with local weather, time, news report, and Google Calendar meeting. It may get boring. But you can customize My Day by heading over to the app settings of Google Home. You can turn on or off reminders, choose sources of news, and change work commute info to be briefed about. 

Interact By Touch

The main input remains to be the voice for Google Home. But did you know there are certain touch controls on the device too? For instance, you can tap the top of the device to wake it up, change the volume, or to pause/un-pause a certain broadcast. 

Call an Uber

You just have to link your Uber account with google Home once. Just go to the Home app on your phone and navigate to settings. Once done, you can always ask Google Home to get you an Uber without actually opening Uber App. And it will be right outside your home. Just make sure both your Google Home and smartphone are connected to Wi-Fi with one of your Spectrum Internet plans or whichever ISP you are subscribed to. 

Enjoy these amazing functions!

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