5 Habits That Cause Your Skin Age Faster

Skin health is important and that too without any exception! 

Skin Aging – A Common Skin Health Problem

Everyone wants healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin. No one wants to look older. To avoid this skin aging, people are likely to use different skincare tips or follow the products that can help to keep their skin look younger. From using rice water for your skin to the commercially available anti-aging creams, the list of so-called anti-aging products goes long. 

When it comes to your health, the role of good lifestyle practices can’t be denied. This exactly goes for your skin. However, a good lifestyle can’t simply protect your skin from aging. There are many factors that determine your skin’s aging pattern; your genetics, sleeping patterns, use of products, and skincare routine can affect your skin aging, according to the best skin specialist in Karachi

Habits that Can Make your Skin Age Faster

Thus, knowing about these habits becomes important rather than letting anti-aging treatment dig holes in your pocket. Here are the habits that can make your skin age faster.

1- You are not afraid of sunlight exposure

Sun exposure is bad for your skin for all the good reasons. Sun rays of different wavelength waves tend to be damaging for our skin. UV rays exposure is known to damage the elastic fiber present in your skin that makes your skin look firm and younger. Lack of elasticity in your skin can make it look old as well as exposure to sunlight can result in the appearance of dark spots on your skin. 

So, a recommended practice is to apply sunscreen on your skin and reapplying it every two hours. No matter if you are staying indoors or the weather is cloudy, sunscreen should be a must if you don’t want your skin to age faster. 

2- You are not sleeping enough

Sleep deficiency can be one of the reasons that you are seeing fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Not getting 6-8 hours of peaceful sleep can take a toll on your skin health. When you are not sleeping enough, your body cells don’t heal properly which results in skin aging. 

Further, staying awake late at night can make your dark circles darker as well as compromising your immunity. So, next time you feel like watching a season late at night, think about the dark circles and wrinkles your skin will have consequences. 

3- Stress is your best friend!

Stress is bad for both your physical and mental health and stress affects your skin health. When you constantly remain stressed out, your cortisol levels go higher that results in turning down your metabolism increased blood pressure, and unintended weight gain. 

All these things speed up your skin-aging process. If you are constantly experiencing higher stress levels, then it is better to work on your stress management or seek out help from a professional. 

4- You often crave sweets!

Sweets craving is one of the most commonly experienced cravings. You will be surprised to know that it can cause your skin to age faster. Let me explain how!

Too many sweets in your body can affect the functioning of important body proteins such as collagen and elastin. All these proteins are required to make your skin look younger. With too much sugar and protein absence, your body will experience an increase in inflammation markers. So, while picking up pastries, be mindful of extra calories as well as the protein breakdown. 

5- You are a couch potato!

Yes, you heard it right. Being physically inactive isn’t only bad for your physical health but it also affects your skin appearance.

Not enough physical activity results in poor blood circulation that compromises your skin’s appearance. So, make sure that you are staying physically active if you don’t want to look older at a young age. 

Bottom Line!

Skin aging is a common skin problem most of us go through. However, some people experience faster skin aging than others. No matter what increases your risk of skin again, there are many ways through which you can prevent this unwanted skin aging.

Eating nutritionally sufficient food, sleeping properly, avoiding smoking, and alcohol intake are a few ways that can help you. However, if you want to know more about it, it’s better to seek out help from a dermatologist. 

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