5 Tricks to Accessorize Your Wholesale Outfits

Being able to get clothes on wholesale is one of the best things you can do for your closet. The trends are up to date, the style options are endless, and the pricing is nice to your wallet. Wholesale clothing is becoming more and more popular as retail prices continue to skyrocket. After all, who wants to pay $300 for a sweater? When you shop for wholesale outfits, you don’t need to. Whether you shop wholesale for your basics or for your statement pieces, there is always a reason to accessorize. Here are 5 tricks to accessorize your wholesale outfit.

5 Tips to Accessorize Your Wholesale Outfit

Mix and Match

We’re finally coming out of a time where everything needs to be symmetrical. Same metals, equal accessories on both wrists and ears, etc. Thankfully, we’re starting to embrace abstract even when it comes to accessorizing. We’re not talking about wearing different colored or mismatched shoes. We’re talking about your jewelry. That’s the first trick of accessorizing your wholesale outfits. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your jewelry. Rose gold tones and silver tones complement each other beautifully. It’s important to remember that warm tones jewelry can make cool-tone jewelry pop creating a flawless look to your wholesale outfit.

Choose Comfort

The best thing you can do when accessorizing the new wholesale clothes, you bought is choosing comfort. You can find the cutest pair of shoes to complete your look, but if you’re limping because of blisters or you end up taking the shoes of because they hurt your feet, it can be a complete distraction to your outfit. Shoes are an important part of an outfit and luckily, you can find wholesale shoes in most of the places you buy your wholesale clothes. Read reviews about the comfort level and make sure to grab the right size.


Pops of color is exactly what you need to bring out the best in your wholesale outfit for the day. Regardless of the pieces you buy, you can always find contrasting colors that accessorize the look. You don’t want to be completely matching or it can make your outfit look boring. Take your outfit to the next level with a bright red clutch or contrasting shoes.

Bracelets Over Everything

If you don’t own any bracelets or watches then that’s the first mistake you’re making. Wrists should never go naked. When you buy clothes on wholesale you can expect to get quality clothes, but choosing which accessories go with what will be up to you. When in doubt, grab a few bangles to layer or put on that watch that hasn’t been worn in forever. It’s the perfect touch to take your outfit to the next level.

Consider the Occasion

The most important thing you can do when it comes to accessorizing your outfit is to consider the occasion. You don’t want to overkill the casual date night outfit with too much bling. Wholesale outfits are beautiful on their own, but if you want to dress up or dress down an outfit that you got through wholesale then accessorizing for the occasion.

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