Important Accessories for an Auto Dealership

As an auto dealership, it’s necessary to ensure that you have all the right supplies in stock if you want your customers to be satisfied with your service. Whether that means buying an oil change printer for your stickers or ensuring you have an organized folder that’s color-coded for easy reference, these small accessories will make sure your dealership runs smoothly. 

Important Accessories for an Auto Dealership

Some shops offer all the necessary tools and equipment to make sure your consumers receive the best results. By using these top of the line products, you can deliver top-notch services to your customers without any discrepancies. These products include:

After Hours Shopper Boxes

Customers often work at the same time technicians do, so it becomes a challenging task for the customer to shop for a vehicle. 

When you use night drop boxes, it eliminates this challenge and provides the customer with an option to find a vehicle that they like and come back again to close the sale. With these boxes, you can collect leads for your dealership during non-business hours. Potential customers can fill out a card and indicate which vehicle they wish to see and then drop the card into the locked box. The next business day, a member of your staff can collect the lead and conduct a follow-up.

Display Racks

When customers come over for a quick fix that takes around 10 minutes, they might not want to stand next to the car and watch what happens. Some tend to sit away from the grease and bustle and read a magazine instead. If you have a simple coffee table, it might make your business look very quaint but when you have a display rack, you can show all your reading material in a more aesthetic manner. Additionally, with display racks, you have the ability to stock up on more vehicle-related magazines or books to capture the attention of your customers.

Oil Change and Other Stickers

Oftentimes, people forget to take care of their vehicles. Issuing a delicate yet effective reminder to return for service, whether it’s for an oil change, tire rotation, tune-up, or anything else can really help the customer remember to come back. Investing in an oil change printer or a sticker printer will allow you to efficiently print any crucial detail or reminder, which reduces errors and conserves time. These printers are stand-alone products and require no additional PC to work and come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which provides peace of mind. 

Odor Eliminator

Everyone loves that new car smell but it’s difficult to maintain it after a certain amount of time. When you stock up on odor eliminators, you can give your customers the power of Chlorine Dioxide in an effective and safe delivery system. Odor eliminators reduce all unnecessary smell in a vehicle, especially from pets, tobacco, food, vomit, fire, mold, mildew, and much more. Make sure your dealership has odor eliminators in stock so you can always provide your clients with the new car smell once again. 

Work Order Holders

Usually, when working with something as delicate as paper, it is easy for it to get dirty with the grease during the automotive service process. It’s essential to protect your work orders as it holds all the important details regarding the nature of the service and the request of the consumer. By using work order holders that are manufactured from sewn plastic and nylon fabric, you can protect repair order forms, multi-point inspection forms, and any other form from any sort of damage. The reason they are popularly used by auto mechanics, auto repair shops, service technicians, and auto dealer service departments is that they provide a way to protect your documents whilst also keeping them organized.

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