5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Vintage Toy Collections

The popularity of Netflix shows like “The toys that made us” affirm that nostalgia is running high.  After watching these shows, people often look to reconnect with the toys that were part of their growing up. 

If you are looking to buy vintage toy collections to revisit your childhood memories, you need to plan things properly. Here are five questions you may ask before following that childish dream.   

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Vintage Toy Collections


  • Which Toyline Do You Like Most?


Selecting a vintage toy can be a daunting task. The vintage toy collections are ever-evolving, and you may find many toys that you would like to add to your collection. 

The toy collection can be a mash-up of any era, any brand, and no rules for what vintage toys could be in a particular group. Some famous toy lines available are Stars Wars, He-man and Masters of the Universe, Polly Pocket, Barbie, Star Trek, G.I Joe, and Transformers.   


  • Are You Going to Play With It?


Vintage toys are available as brand new with packaging or sold as loose toys.  If you plan to play with the toys, you can go for loose toys. If you just want to add vintage toys to relive the memories but never intend to play with them, you can buy brand new vintage toys that are available with packaging. Loose toys can cost you a pretty penny. So think about the money you are willing to spend to relive your childhood memories. 


  • Is Material of the Vintage Toys Important?


The vintage toy collection is available in different materials. For example, the original hot wheels were cast in metal, while some toy manufacturers offer hot wheels vintage toy collections made of plastic. Do you know the oil-cloth version of Monopoly, established in 1933, was sold for a staggering $146,500? The big question here is if you’re willing to spend large amounts to buy vintage toy collections.


  • If the Vintage Toy Needs Restoration, Do You Have an Expert Who Can Do It? 


Normal wear and tear is a common thing that you will encounter when you go to buy vintage collections. However, if some mechanical part like spring needs replacement, do you have an expert to do it?  This is important because not all vintage toys are in good condition. Some vintage toy sellers send such vintage toy pieces at reduced prices whereas the toy collectors purchase these broken pieces and get them fixed to restore old glory. 


  • What Are Mint and Less-Than-Mint Conditions in Vintage Toys?


If you are new to the vintage toy collections trend, you will come across words like mint and less-than-mint conditions in old toys. You need to understand the significance of striking a good deal. 

The condition of the vintage toy plays a decisive role in vintage toy prices. Mint condition in old toys means the original toy is still in the original box in excellent condition. Less-than-mint conditions refer to the toy showing some signs of wear and tear. 

These are some of the critical questions you need to ask yourself when you buy vintage toy collections. Buying and selling vintage toys is no longer a hobby thing but a serious business for many. Having good knowledge about the vintage toy market can help you strike good deals.

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