Top 4 Reasons To Get AWS Certification In 2019

Technology is continuously evolving and to stay updated with the latest trends is becoming more and more difficult each passing day.

However, regardless of how tough it is to keep an eye on every recent innovation in the world of tech, one thing is for sure that a true tech junkie would never miss onto cloud computing and its global impacts.

Talking about the AWS and cloud computing, it’s become more a norm than just a trend these days and ignoring it will only make you irrelevant in the world of technology and innovations.

Almost all of us are well-acquaintance with cloud computing and AWS-backed storage, however, our insight is quite restricted. But when you are a network engineer or IT executive, it is important to educate yourself with this trend to ace your aptitudes at the workplace.

As Amazon is offering a rich community to store and compute data, and automate and infrastructure technologies, it becomes the best methodology for every IT expert to acquire the AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) certification as early as possible.

Certifications are a disputable subject in IT. Some contend that acquiring a certification makes you increasingly attractive, while others imagine that they could have a negative effect by giving the feeling that you are making up for the absence of experience. Notwithstanding where you remain on this issue, my advice with certifications is that you should get certified as it will certainly open you to a great future.

To prove my point even further, here I am listing 4 convincing reasons why you should pursue AWS certification – but first, let me explain what is AWS certification and how it becomes so popular.

What is AWS Certification?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) gives cloud computing services for both personal and business use, and also for government extends on paid memberships premise. AWS is a backup of which empowers you to utilize web services to construct versatile and complex applications which give your business features like storage services, analytics services, messaging services, app services, payments services, computing, content delivery management system, development and management tools, database management, mobile networking, and on-demand workforce.

aws certification benefits

How AWS Becomes So Popular? is outstanding for its capacity to changing USA’s retail advertising by offering modest, quick, and better services to clients. AWS cloud computing services are following a similar approach like, by offering various types cloud computing services which are much practical, quick, and better. The main features of AWS services are,
⦁ AWS provides efficiency and economical advantage to associations.
⦁ AWS provides a diverse solution for business to business including startups, small organizations, and enterprises.
⦁ AWS is substantially more secure on the grounds that right now AWS have numerous servers which are routinely monitored and maintained, and they endeavored to keep their database centered anonymous.

Reasons why you should pursue AWS certification in 2019

Cloud computing is the present and the future

Presently, cloud computing is the technology that each business needs. Why? Since it’s fast, economical, and advanced than any regular technology. No heavy integration and maintenance are required. You can get all the features in a single platform via cloud computing.

AWS is standing out in pretty much every viewpoint

As per Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is multiple times greater than its next 14 rivals, consolidated! This is awful news for the people at Azure and Google Cloud Platform yet it is incredible news for you.

Regardless of whether you’re a web designer, a database administrator, a network engineer, an IoT engineer, a Big Data expert, an AI designer, or in any way related to IT industry, your life will be made a lot simpler in the event that you exploit Amazon’s platform. Their contributions contact pretty much every part of technology. What is the greatest thing – it is continually expanding and adding more offering.

Getting AWS certified is simple and feasible

Presently, there are many certifications for cloud computing given by different merchants yet Amazon stands out amongst them with its certification in much lesser cost than its competitors. In spite of the fact that, it’s not that easy to get AWS certified you should have fundamental learning which is required to pass. The issue for different certifications perceived by different specialists is that like numerous hopefuls left the present employment to get the certifications and pay costly charges to get trained in order to pass their exams. However, this isn’t the issue with Amazon AWS certification you can pass the test without quitting the job. This might also help you in getting promoted in your present organization. Also, I would suggest you enroll yourself in AWS training program nearby to ensure clearing the exams and learning the skills effectively.

The most widely recognized methodology is, to begin with, the Architect Associate certification. It is an extraordinary method to get comfortable with the AWS environment and services. You are needed to get associate certificate prior to appearing in the exams. Moreover, AWS needs that you have your certification of Architect associate prior to appearing in the test for Solutions Architect professional. Also, that your SysOps or Developer Associate certification is completed before you appear for the Professional test of DevOps.

Good salary

Since, AWS skills are high in demand, this implies that you too will be high in demand. And clearly, demanded skills always let you earn more money. According to the Forbes report of 2018, AWS certification is the second highest paying certification in the world.

This does not mean after you get the certification you can acquire the above compensation, it absolutely relies on your comprehension of AWS and Technical aptitudes.
As, above chart, you can see that AWS certified are procuring more than normal by simply securing requested abilities.

Reach new heights

As indicated by Gartner report, AWS is expanding around 10 times more contrasted with all its 14 rivals combined. Indeed AWS is extending and all the enormous associations taking a shot at AWS, so you have to get this chance and turn into a certified AWS developer at the earliest opportunity since we as a whole know the competition in the product business.

AWS certification will support your resume and your profile however for that you should have the learning of AWS theoretically and practically and once you settle your way by doing initial certification you will be able to go for advanced certification in this field. Thus, reaching all new heights in your career with your polished skills and learning.

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