How to do SEO optimization for a single page in the website

Many friends who do website optimization may want to do a single-page website or need to do a single-page website for many reasons.

Generally, our common website single page includes a general introduction of the website, such as: about us, website introduction, etc.; another A common website single page is the aggregate page of the website.

In many cases, a single page of a website is not the main content of the website, but it cannot be ignored by SEO experts, but the most worrying thing about this is how can a website with only one page be optimized for SEO.

Many friends may think that a single-page website is difficult to do SEO optimization work, but this does not mean that we should give up optimization.

Today, I will talk about the method and importance of SEO optimization for single pages in the website.

SEO optimization for a single page website

The role of a single page

  1. It is beneficial to increase the weight of the website. Because a single-page website has only one page, all of our content and the established links are generated based on this page. All backlinks point to the same page and the same domain name, which gives the website a high weight.
  2. Conducive to the relevance of the website. Because all of our content is placed under the same page, the content of the page is very substantial and the relevance of the keywords is great. Search engine algorithms are very concerned about whether page content and keywords are relevant, so this is one of the reasons for the necessity of single-page website optimization.
  3. It is conducive to the crawling of search engines. The structure of a one-page website is very simple, which relieves the search engine’s crawling work to a certain extent. Crawling with search engines can lay the groundwork for further optimization.

Single page optimization method

The SEO optimization method for single page SEOER should be constructed from both internal and external aspects of a single page.

1. Pay attention to the writing of TDK

Since it is a single page in the website, it is more important to pay attention to the website title, keywords and description. The title should be simple and clear, including the main keywords, the title is a refined overview of the content of a single page; in terms of description, a short paragraph of text extracts the essence of the article, the content is more detailed than the title; keywords, with absolute and content Related words, multiple keywords separated by commas, but also should pay attention to the single-page keywords should also be related to the main keywords of the website, can not be irrelevant, otherwise it will cause the weight of the website to be scattered, not Conducive to the ranking and optimization of the entire station.

2. the use of website labels

Reasonable use of website tags allows search engines to better understand the hierarchical content of the website. H-tags can be used to set the rating of the importance of the content of the wind station; strong tags to emphasize the keywords of the page and so on.

3. Set the anchor point reasonably

There are some single pages in order to display many product features, the page will be pulled for a long time, which is not conducive to user viewing, and the user experience is not good. If a reasonable anchor point is set on a single-page website, the user only needs to click to quickly reach the desired one.

4. using DIV segmentation area

Divide each of your regions with DIV, which will make the structure of the webpage clearer. Although the CSS id name is not part of our SEO work, it does help us better organize and manage the site. This method can also be applied to anchor text links.

External website

The external part of a single page is mainly in the construction of the outer chain. When doing a single-page outer chain, it is forbidden to single out the outer chain, which is easy to cause excessive optimization of the website. And we all know that the over-optimization of the website is not good for SEO, so the construction of the single-page external chain must pay attention to the diversification of the external chain.

Take link from different places like PDF submissions, PPT submission sites, article submission sites, commenting and image sharing sites. Please also consider do-follow as well as no-follow backlink.

Points to pay attention to

In the process of aggregation single page optimization, you also need to pay attention to the transfer of page weights to avoid excessive concentration of single page weights.

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