BackStreet Boys New Single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Is Already Rocking It!!

BackStreet Boys new single has been out just a week ago and it is already breaking the records. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is not one of the most awaited songs but also a song that takes you to the memory lane and gives you the best kind of nostalgic feels. And maybe that’s the reason why BackStreet Boys New Single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” has already ranked as the Hot AC Radio’s most added songs within a week.

BackStreet Boys New Single Is Already Rocking It And Here’s How

Guess what? BackStreet Boys are back with a great ear-pleasing song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and all of us fans are heads over heel over the song.

BackStreet Boys, which as of late denoted its 25th commemoration, uncovered by means of Twitter this week that another tune was en route with the entertaining post, “Excuse the dad joke but… we’re back,” pointing out there one of the greatest hits “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”.

Backstreet Boys last studio collection, World Like This, was released back in 2013. There’s no word about whether “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is bound for an expected collection, however, the band did already uncover that they’re grinding away on a tenth LP.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart leading the Hot AC Radio’s most added songs

Grabbed by 49 Mediabase-observed Hot AC stations, the gathering’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” convincingly positions as the organization’s most included melody deserting Jason Mraz’ “Have It All”.

Take a stroll to the memory lane with BackStreet Boys

To the extent we can see, the Boys are adhering to the components that characterized their notorious music profession—the mushy sentiment, synchronized moving and coordinating outfits, among others. Viewing the Backstreet Boys moving in a neon-lit foundation positively brings back recollections. The music video was coordinated by their long-lasting partner (Rich + Tone) and another arrangement with RCA Records. It includes the Backstreet Boys, despite the fact that they are definitely not ‘young men’ now, singing their hearts out. Kevin Richardson stated,

“The minute we heard this song we knew it was special. I geeked out over the piano and synths. When that groove drops on the second verse, COME ON. Great verse, hook and melodies. Just makes you wanna listen over and over again.”

Catering to the advancing tastes of a youthful crowd, the Backstreet Boys have dumped their 90s tune tunes for another chill electro-pop class, and EDM-roused settings. Indeed, even their music video includes some substantial move moves. As it were, it is reminiscent of an advanced variant of their hit, I Want It That Way. Indeed, even the verses take us away as it goes, ”Baby, don’t go breaking my heart… Cause it’s the only one I got’.”

This music video will reclassify what you look like at the Backstreet Boys. Figuring out, Charlie Puth, who cooked the Backstreet Boys in the TBS rap fight Drop The Mic has been demonstrated wrong; they have matured like fine wine. The Backstreet Boys will give the new kid groups a keep running for their cash.

If you have not already heard the song, hey, here, hear it out..

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