How to access the deep web

Dark web and Deep web are both kind of similar. Actually, the dark web is the scary part of the deep web simply put. Both can be accessed through the Tor browser. We will tell you how to access it, but be very CAREFUL!

As there are a lot of illegal activities going on the dark web and we do not encourage anyone to participate in such activities. The purpose of this article is to provide general information.

Generally, whenever the topic of deep web or dark web comes up, 3 questions are always asked.

what is the deep web?

Well, the deep web is like a safer more private web/internet, where you can access and share information without being monitored.

what is the dark web?

The Dark Web is a part of the deep web that is generally illegal, and many illegal and inhumane activities happen there.

what is tor?

Tor is a way to access deep web. There is the Tor browser to access deep web. And tor itself is software technology (internet based).

First of all, deep web. The deep web is a part of the internet that cannot be accessed by common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, etc.
Since the deep web is not accessible by these major web browsers which more than 90% people generally use, people don’t go on the deep web because mainly this reason. Otherwise, the deep web would be used as common as the normal web.

The deep web or the dark web both are accessed by a special kind of browser called tor browser. The tor according to Wikipedia…
“Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. The name is derived from an acronym for the original software project name “The Onion Router”.
What this means is Tor only provides people a safe way to communicate over the web. As in the normal web you are mostly being watched by Government agencies and advertisement companies which are monitoring your activities.

So, its good to have some privacy with all this technology in today’s world. But the dark web is what exploits the deep web and its integrity. As no one is really being monitored there, a lot of criminal activities take place on the dark web.

The Tor browser is not specifically a dark web browser or a deep web browser as both can be accessed through it. In the deep, there can be many public forums found where people are sharing their opinions and nothing illegal is going on, But the dark web is mostly all illegal and in most cases, many inhumane things also happening there. Getting Dark web and Deep web links are easy, You can find many of them online just by googling. The hidden wiki is one of the most used forums on deepweb. But be aware while accessing it as it has many dark websites links in it too (like silk road, etc). Just by clicking on which you might get in trouble.

Drug trafficking and even human trafficking occurs on the dark web.

The silk road is an example of these dark web sites. It was created by Ross Ulbricht and was an illegal drug trafficking site. The U.S government caught him eventually. This was one of the biggest drug sites on the dark web.

Getting in deep web is easy like previously mentioned and how to do just that is explained below. But accessing dark web is somewhat more complicated and it mostly depends on the kind of site you are visiting. At least 3 or more kind of verification is needed, which you provide to the site owner before accessing dark web sites.

How to access dark web and deep web

1- First of all to access Dark web and Deep web you need to download the Tor browser. Just search for “tor browser” on google and follow the procedure.

2- Make sure you have a good VPN set up. Although tor has its own VPN, that starts with the browser but its better to have another VPN already running on your pc. And not the free one. We strongly suggest you get a good VPN before starting to explore the deep web. so that your IP address is always hidden, it’s better to have a this set up on a virtual machine too. But works just fine without a virtual machine too.

3- Get links to deep web forums and search engines. The duck duck go and hidden Wikipedia are most famous ones. The URL links of these are not same as normal website links like google.com or Facebook.com, they are a bit more complex (example: https://2dwqwerd2d2dqwdweqd32d2dada.onion)
You can find some actual links to copy paste in you tor browser here.

“Again, we do not advise you to visit any inappropriate links over there…”

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Final words

Although we have provided you the way and knowledge to access the deep web, We strongly recommend that you stay away from the Dark web.
As the Dark web and Deep web are not similar things. If you see anything that is inappropriate or seems illegal, just don’t go there.

There are also many hackers on the Dark web and Deep web these days, so try not to get involved in anything.

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