Why Organic is the Only Sensible Choice for Your Bub

Our children are our most precious assets.

No matter what we go on to achieve in life (or have till date) most parents will be hard pressed placing any achievement above bringing life into this planet.

My mum and dad will often tell me that I could never understand the sacrifices they have made for my sister and I, the finer details and perks in life they willingly gave up to secure a better future for us and how before we came onto the scene life for them was about no consequences, relaxation and partying. They started to seriously think about the future the day they found out they were pregnant for the first time.

Sound familiar?

Your children are everything to you. You want nothing more than for them to be safe, successful and happy individuals well into the future and into adulthood.

This is one of the many reasons we are all so concerned about the products we use and feed our tiny tots, a main driver for the recent surge in uptake of organic products for children because after all, who could possibly know better than Mother Nature?

Use Natural Products on your Children. Always.

What we put on and into our kids is imperative when it comes to taking care of them throughout their lives.

As the news of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder’s Cancer scare continues to rear its ugly head throughout the years, it has only added to the list of dangerous issues and fear products made up of chemical substances have caused and continue to do so.

Recently, research has proven that so many of the food brands that we trust as parents to feed our children may actually be poisoning them instead, hindering their development and in some cases degrading their mental and physical health. There could be nothing worse than unwittingly and unknowingly poisoning our children, which is why many switched on mums and dads globally are trusting organic foods instead.

The skin is our largest organ and much of what we put on it is instantly absorbed into our blood flows, this is a scary thought considering how supple and delicate children’s skin is which is why using products with natural ingredients it always preferential – so mum, dad and baby can sleep sound at night!

Start your bub with good habits early on

Organics take time.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Most of us will remember our parents telling us that good things come to those that wait – and it’s true.

Organic plant based materials and products are allowed to mature the way Mother Nature always intended, just long enough to develop all those great beneficial nutrients and vitamins they naturally possess – the good stuff that’ll keep your little one healthy and hay for years to come.

Organic Farming Protects Nature

So, if you want to leave a beautiful planet for your children and their children, natural products are definitely the way to go!

I can’t imagine not having fresh air to breathe, animals and plant life to revel in, and a loving, caring, selfless earth to live on, can you? Though we are all coming dangerously close to not having these wonderful aspects of our planet as our reality, I know that this is a nightmare none of us want coming true!

When farmers use organic procedures, they are reducing pollution, energy consumption and soil erosion while increasing soil fertility and conserving water.

The Increased risks our children face when using pesticide laden Unnatural Products

Prolonged exposure to pesticides can lead to numerous health issues such as birth defects, headaches and an increased strain on already compromised immune systems.

Additionally, foetuses and children are most at risk of health issues related to pesticide usage as their brains, bodies and immune systems are still forming, and may result in developmental delays, autism, motor dysfunction, immune system compromise alongside other behavioral disorders.

Also, pregnant women are more at risk because of the increased stress pesticide exposure may cause on already overworked organs while harmful material is easily passed from mother to child through breast milk and even while in the womb.

So, are you convinced?

How important is the health of your child?

We’re willing to bet our bottom dollar on it being the top of your list of must haves.

The use of organic products for our children has never seemed more relevant or important as it is today. The health and happiness of our children are intrinsically interwoven and the use of natural products (in both a physical applications and internal consumption form) will definitely give us a good, solid lead in ensuring they stay that way forever!

Do you have any success stories with regards to using organic based products for your children? Let us know in the Comments Section!

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