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How to Land the Best Jobs in Cyber Security [Includes Salary Data]

Stepping into the new era of data and technology, you’ll find a lot of cyber data crimes happening around the world, which is quite alarming. Several large organizations and data entities suffer from these cyber threats regularly, leading to deadly outcomes and risk of data breaching of confidential information.

To tackle such situations, companies and businesses pay an enormous amount of money to cybersecurity engineers and information analysts so they can save them from the mismanagement of data and information and implement information security systems to protect valuable data at all costs.

Therefore, if you’re a job seeker who wants to make more money while having complete job security, then you can work as a cybersecurity officer or as an analyst for better career growth opportunities.

Now, coming to the point, as easy as it may seem, getting a cybersecurity job isn’t easy. You have to gain some basic and essential skills and prove your worth in the market to get hired for the right job immediately.

How to Land the best cybersecurity job?

Cybersecurity jobs aren’t simple. They require a clear understanding of different security systems and an effective strategy. Since 2015, the demand for cybersecurity jobs has been increased to 91% in the U.S., as stated by Dice.com. Still, the market suffers from a lack of competent resources and cybersecurity professionals.

Although it may be a dream job of many job seekers, it requires these five important things to help you land the best cybersecurity jobs in 2019. They are,

  • Relevant Degree
  • Cybersecurity Skills
  • Cybersecurity Certifications
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Internship Experience

Whether you join a cybersecurity boot camp or a certification course, you need to hone your skills as per your job demand and learn more about complex information programs to become an ace in your field and elevate your career step by step.

Cybersecurity Qualification and Skills:

Without proper qualifications and skills, it would be tough to grab the right cybersecurity positions in the market. It’s essential that you earn a bachelor’s degree and also consider enrolling in a master’s degree program. It will help you enhance your skillset and will help you set your career to high-level preferences.

For those interested in Master degree programs, you can opt for MS in computer science or computer engineering, MBA, and MS in information technology and assurance

Further, if you want to know which cybersecurity skills to enhance in 2019, here’s a list of essential skills to help you out,

  1. Malware protection
  2. Penetration testing
  3. Vulnerability assessment
  4. AI and ML
  5. Cloud security

Cybersecurity Certifications and Training:

It’s essential that you gain valuable certifications in the field of cybersecurity so you can create a strong resume that can help you land better cybersecurity job opportunities. So, if you’re planning to follow a particular certification program, you can consult the list below:

  1. CISSP:

This certification can help you get a job at the Department of Defense quickly.

  1. CISA:

This certification can help you learn more about controlling and auditing information systems.

  1. CISM:

This certification can help you focus on risk management and compliance.

  1. CEH:

This certification can help you gain better insights into ethical hacking.

  1. GIAC:

This certification can help you learn more about the technical aspects of cybersecurity and intrusion detection.

  1. CCNA:

This certification can help you expand your knowledge about Cisco’s technology and products.

Further, you can enroll yourself in multiple short courses related to cybersecurity to boost your skills and expand your knowledge. You can find online and free courses on the internet. There are several online institutes that provide beginner and expert level courses to help professionals learn more about the latest data security techniques and methods to increase their worth in the market.

Cybersecurity Experience:

Why an internship is essential before landing your first job as a cybersecurity professional?

Well, the cybersecurity field is now growing and demanding all kinds of technical and analytical skills. At this rate, it’s essential for beginners to get their hands on any excellent cybersecurity internship opportunity so they can learn about the practical security world. A better way to grab an internship experience would be to apply for it when you’re enrolled in a degree program or a cybersecurity boot camp so you can get maximum exposure about the industry and different techniques to assess and control security systems.

Best Cybersecurity Jobs:

Now, let’s discuss well-paid and best security jobs in the market so you can make the right decision accordingly,

  1. Security Architect:

This person applies the necessary solutions and analyzes different security threats in an organization to secure the data and information effectively. A security architect monitors security policies and designs security programs while leading a team of professionals.

According to Payscale, the median salary for this position is $122,000 approx.

  1. Penetration Tester:

This person assesses vulnerabilities and tests the network in an organization with the use of different software and tools to ensure that the network system is free from any threats.

According to Payscale, the median salary for this position is $81,000 approx.

  1. Information Security Analyst:

This person plans effective security strategies and implements them in an organization to protect information from specific cyber threats. An information security analyst also designs such policies that ensure the safety of data while monitoring these programs.

According to Payscale, the median salary for this position is $72,000 approx.

  1. Lead Software Security Engineer:

This person is responsible for assessing risk and leading a team of security professionals in an organization. A lead software security engineer ensures to secure data and software while identifying vulnerabilities.

According to Payscale, the median salary for an average software security engineer is $102,000 approx. As per Glassdoor, the median salary for lead software security engineer is $154,000 approx.

  1. Chief Information Security Officer:

This person is an expert information analyst who is responsible for managing different security processes while implementing security policies to protect the organization from cyber threats and crimes.

According to Payscale, the median salary for a mid-level CISO is $128,000 approx. while for an expert-level CISO is $160,000 approx.

  1. Information Security Crime Investigator:

This person is a forensic expert who investigates cybercrimes in an organization and also identifies the possible causes of these cyber-attacks in the system to update security systems.

According to Payscale, the median salary for this position is $72,000 approx.

Wrap Up:

We have aligned all the information you need to land a good cybersecurity job. Now it’s your job to follow the right direction and boost your cybersecurity skills.

Good Luck!

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