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5 Best Web Development Training Websites

This blog will answer below mostly asked questions of Web Development. The blog covers;

  • What is Web Development?
  • Why it’s essential to learn?
  • How to initiate learning Web development?
  • Which online courses are suitable for learning web development?

What is Web Development?

Let’s start this blog with defining what actually web development is. Web development is a sum-up word for building a website and maintains a website, which is hosted online. Web development is also referred to as web programming.

Web development is divided into two main development languages. Front-end development is also known as client-side development, and back-end development also called server-side development.

Front end development is all about user view on the screen- designing, content all visuals you can interact with. It can basically code with front-end frameworks like CSS, HTML, and JAVASCRIPT, etc.

Back-end development is all about coding behind the screens. It controls the functions and workings of your website. All pages of your website are fully developed by the logic running in the back-end server.

Why it’s essential to learn Web Development nowadays?

The world you are living in is dated the 21st century, where online activities are growing exponentially. Here everyone has the internet and a smartphone with them. Almost everyone uses a smartphone every hour of the day. Due to which web development has become a popular choice for today’s people. From millennials to businessman everyone is into it. It is the first career choice of today’s working group.   

  • Web development is a profession that reaches out to the world. It showcases your work globally.
  • Web developers are in huge demand not only in physical markets but also online as a freelancer.
  • Tools you need to learn web development is very less and cost too little. You just require the internet and laptop.
  • There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019.
  • It is a highly adopted profession and also the highest-paid job of 2019.

Ways to learn Web development:

When someone wants to start learning in web development, most of the time, they are confused about how to basically learn it? There are lots of ways to go for,

  • Take some free online courses.
  • Enroll yourself in a local university or college.
  • Buy/Borrow some web development books from the shop/friends/library.
  • Download web development app or software.
  • Get yourself a tutor.

The best way to go for learning web development is by taking online web development courses, most of them are free. And also join boot camps like; full-stack developer boot camp or front end web developer boot camp, etc.

Best Websites to Learn Web Development

Here are some speck online websites to learn web development. If you have reached this part of the blog, I am sure you are convinced how important is to learn web development. One of the most beneficial parts of learning web development online is that it is free and instant. You don’t have to wait for anything; it’s totally free and always available online. I recommend you to go for free and self-guided online web development courses, and they are best for practicing anytime anywhere.

Here is the list of top five websites, which can lead you to become a pro in web development courses in a short span of time.


It helps you go through each basic level details of web development. It was launched in 2011, and it’s a super innovative way to learn to code. Codeacademy also contains courses in 20 different languages and tools. It is free to learn to code at Codeacademy.

If you choose Codeacademy, is an online learning website than you don’t even need to download all the developer’s tools. It will let you code in your browser, it’s easier to start coding, but it’s not a real environment to code. It offers free courses and also premier courses for just $19.99 per month, which is super affordable.


Coursera.com is famously known for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). It has top cream universities around the world, with 150 universities from 29 countries. It includes Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Duke, Michigan, Peking, and HEC Paris. It also has a partnership with popular leading companies like IBM, Google, and PwC, these companies also put courses on courser.com.

Coursera.com is basically an e-learning website. It was founded by two professors at Stanford University teaching computer science. It is a form of online education and gives a learning-based platform to all.

Most of the web development course is free on courser. The duration of classes remains between four to six weeks. They gave you video tutorials and reading the material, also grade you on reading assignments. Coursera.com also provides you certification at the end of class.


It is straightforward to use the platform for all beginners. Most online websites do nothing but put up flashy designs and confuse visitors. Go to Khanacademy.org for the simplest and effective way to learn web development. It provides quality content of programming languages, that’s the only reason for Khan Academy being successful. It provides learners with free video classes and engaging exercises because It is a non-profit organization.  

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide free education to everyone around the world. Salman Khan Founder of Khan Academy says in his Tedex speech, “Let’s teach for mastery. ”

It is one of the examples that teach people to use the internet to educate everyone around the globe.

Mozilla Developer Network:

If you are searching for the most original site on the web for learning web development, then you should visit the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). Developers contribute pages of content on MDN. They are partnered with Google, Microsoft, and other favored industries, which contributed to the scope of MDN Docs.

It is one of the most popular sites with over 4.5 million pages and 2+ million visitors per month. It provides the best developer tools, tutorials, and documentation. It is the only web development site with 15 language translations. It is an open community; anyone can add and edit content.  It is a more extensive Network by Mozilla. They provide tools and tutorials just to provide this world with better web developers. It grasps you in tremendous community work only to expand your professional knowledge and work. They are in the heart of the technology world, where developers love to spend time and get more involved.


Uncookednews offers many web development and web designing articles and guides from beginner’s level to advanced level. They discuss every tool, software, language, job opportunity, and framework with such details that can help you learn web development in no time.

Start your career by these languages:

For front-end development

  • Learn CSS/CSS3
  • Learn HTML/HTML5
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Bootstrap

For server-side

  • Node JS
  • Core PHP
  • PHP frameworks
  • Python flask /Djang


2020 is the era of technology (machine learning, AI, Big Data, Deep Learning, Android, and IOS). Web development is parted in front-end and back-end development. To compete in today’s world, one must learn any web development language. There are many ways to learn web development but most preferably go for online web development; it has a lot of sheer benefits.

Boot camps help you learn web development faster (for, eg.  full stack developer boot camp or front end web developer boot camp).

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