Best smart tvs in 2018 – What smart TVs to buy

Best smart TVs in 2018 are hard to pick. As there are hundreds of companies offering thousands of various devices. The choice is just not that simple. Some provide better IO options, some provide better usability, and some are just the right price for performance. In the end, it all comes done to picture quality in most cases. This includes the screen refresh rate and the overall pixel density of the display. Whether the TV support 1080p or 4K or not.

You can find many smart TV deals online by searching for smart TVs for sale. But picking the right one is the question. We will include links from Amazon.com in this list of our of the best smart TVs so that you can buy it directly from the original company’s Amazon page.

First of all, while picking a smart TV you have to be sure about the size that you want, whether you are looking for a 32 inch smart TV, or a 50 inch smart TV, or anything in the between. Now that you already have an idea about the size, the question comes why not only buy a Smart TV Box and turn your simple TV into a smart TV. Well, you can do that but it will limit your TV performance.

As most of these newer smart TVs come packed with new features and abilities that old (even 2-year-old TVs) do not have. So keeping that in mind, you know now that to opt in for a new Smart Tv is better than turning your old TV into a smart TV. And if you are planning to get a smart TV maybe our list of top ten Best smart TVs can help you.

Best smart TVs of 2018 so far

LG OLED55C7 specs (55 inch) - specifications - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
1  – LG OLED55C7 (55 inches)

Crowned the best TV in 2017, the LG OLED55C7 or Simply LG C7 OLED TV is still the best tv to buy in 2018.
The C7 has sold a lot in 2017 and was one of the best tech products you can buy in 2017. It has been compared to many top class TVs. In all honesty, it stands out in various places such as the picture quality, overall design, and specs. The LG C7 OLED TV produces contrast-rich pictures with very deep blacks. It comes in a beautiful and classy ultra-thin design which elevates and modern living room decor. The operating system that it is running on is webOS which is amazing to watch all your online shows on like Netflix, etc. Overall the LG C7 Smart TV provides a Good value for OLED Tv and is a smart choice. Lg has produced some of the Best smart TVs in 2018 and 2017.

More info here. Check out the price of LG OLED55C7 below along with buyers reviews.


Sony XBR-55X900E (55 inch) - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut

2 – Sony XBR-55X900E (55 inches)

The Sony XBR-X900E has superb image quality, with really deep blacks. The color is accurate, along with better high dynamic range performance. It has a very modern and sleek look. Since this smart TV has an  Android operating system that means many Google Apps can run on this TV along with integrated Google Assistant. Sony has set a new milestone in tech with the beauty of this particular TV model.  It comes equipped with Direct LED with local dimming, Excellent motion handling, gorgeous design and an amazing sounding audio. The Sony X900E is a great 4k TV and HDR content looks brilliant on this TV. Its only real downside is the very teeny tiny image degradation when viewed at a certain angle.


tcl 55p607 (55 inch) - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
3 – TCL 55P607 (55 inch)

 TCL  is an electronics company in China, for those who don’t know.  It’s not very famous in the US market as of right now. But after this P Series TV from TCL maybe it will dominate the US market too.  TCL’s P Series is available in three sizes ( 50, 55, and 65 inches). All come with  4K resolution, HR-compatibility (with Dolby Vision), and a built-in Roku smart platform. The P series TVs come with full-array local dimming that TCL calls “contrast control zones”. At a relatively reasonable price, the TCL P series TV is an amazing pick. As it comes with great contrast,  truly accurate colors, smooth motion, and a great HDR showcase.  4K resolution and HDR has been in high demand the last couple of years. While many users have no problem with 1080p TVs. There is a large market of 4k TVs and it can become even larger if those people with 1080p can switch to 4k. And the only way it might actually happen that a large number of people migrate this way. Only TCL and this model of their TV are looking light on the pocket and right on the point to satisfy these customer needs.

Although TCL is not a big company in the USA but The 55P607 is hands down one of the Best smart TVs out there today.

Some key Features include :

Dolby Vision HDR
72 Zone HDR Contrast Control
Wide Color Gamut with Advanced LED Phosphor
Roku TV Smart Platform with thousands of streaming channels
Enhanced Remote with Voice Search and Private Listening
High-speed 802.11ac wireless and Ethernet networking
(3) HDMI 2.0a ports with HDCP 2.2


LG Signature Series W7 OLED - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
4 –  LG Signature Series W7 OLED

If you are a tech enthusiast or even if you just read a lot of tech news online the chances are you might have already heard about the LG Signature Series W7 OLED. LG Signature Series W7 OLED is also being known as the LG wallpaper TV and the name suits. It has a super-slim design which emerges with the background wall giving an overall seamless finish to the TV and your wall. The LG Signature Series W7 OLED operating system is the new webOS 3.5 which is very user-friendly and just a trill to engage in. Although the screen is very thin like a paper the speaker’s bar is what is a bit chunky, as it contains most of the hardware connected through a little strip with the screen itself. The external panel consists of a Dolby Atmos soundbar and a few other tricks, the tv has four types of HDR support along with the magnetic mounting system.

Although this Amazing TV is trending everywhere and should be on top of our Best smart TVs, it’s not because of the affordability factor. Otherwise, this is number 1 in Best smart TVs.

Overall the LG wallpaper TV has an Insanely slim design. Provides accurate Color, clarity, and contrast along with state of art HDR. It is no doubt one of the most amazing looking TV you will ever see and hands down the thinnest TV ever (at least till date).

Get more information from the LG official site.
And view prices and reviews for LG Signature Series W7 OLED below.


Samsung QLED Q9F - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
5 – Samsung QLED Q9F

The Samsung Q9F QLED is a great 4k LCD TV with amazing picture quality and brilliant colors. It has a very wide range of colors and the brightness goes pretty high too. Making it just perfect for HDR. The input lag (which is in milliseconds, the less the better) is significantly low. And the blur fast moving pictures is very little. Making it a sensible pick for gamers. Picture quality is overall great but not very sharp when viewed from an angle. The Samsung Q9F QLED comes packed with features such as Unprecedented color levels, Ultra-high brightness, gorgeous design, Excellent HDR. And is Extremely user-friendly due to Tizen OS. The TV has a Very wide color range with low motion blur, these both features combined with high brightness level provides a wholesome TV experience.

sony bravia a1 oled - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut 2
6 – Sony Bravia A1 OLED

The Sony Bravia A1’s design is frameless design. It may look fragile but really has a pretty firm build quality. The pictures produced by this TV are nothing less to jaw-dropping and awing. And unlike some TVs, this might not even require a separate home theater as the sound produced is almost too good to be true. The Sony Bravia A1 has Gorgeous picture quality, a Startling design, nothing but quite possibly the most amazing sound on a TV, and very wide viewing angles. Although released in 2017, the A1 is still above other newer TVs of 2018. The OLED panel used in this TV is actually manufactured by LG. Which is great as LG is the king in that area. Apart from the beautifully thin design, it has a perfect picture quality with stunning HDR performance. Also comes equipped with Google Assistant, Alexa Voice control.

More information and Sony Bravia A1 Specs here
For prices and product reviews click on anyone below.



Philips 9002 Series - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
7 – Philips 9002 Series

In the Philips 9002 series, the Ambilight works wonderfully and gives an Excellent all-around picture quality. The key features which will make you buy this particular TV are its Good value, Attractive design, deep details and natural pictures and its ingenious design. Philips started with its OLED TVs journey not so long ago with the 55POS901F, which was extremely successful. So, it was inevitable for Philips to manufacture another masterpiece. And that is indeed what this TV is a true masterpiece, just look at it.  This TV has a powerful new picture processing engine with Philips’ Ambilight technology. Which results in very vibrant picture quality. The panel on the TV itself is nice and thin. and to the back are all of the connections and processing hardware.

Checkout its specs here.



Samsung QE55Q7F - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
8 – Samsung QE55Q7F

The Samsung QE55Q7F has a bright display with lovely colors and also a strong contrast. The build and design feel and look premium and it comes with an external connections box. Some key features are its 55-inch screen size which is massive and a must for the main TV these days. 4K UHD resolution which shows all the content in extreme detail. HDR10 and HLG compatibility which is nice to have. And 1500 nits peak brightness which is amazingly bright. The Samsung QLED series has three beautiful models the Q9, Q8, and Q7. All of these are a success story for Samsung, as most reviews out there for these models comment positively. The main question is how good this TV is? and the simple answer is – it’s very good. The Q7 is a huge step up for Samsung from its previous gen TVs, actually, the whole QLED series is a major step up and are being called Best smart TVs picture quality wise.  The color performance on this TV is groundbreaking.

View full Specs of Samsung QE55Q7F QLED TV here.
For prices and product reviews click on anyone below.


Samsung UE49MU7000T - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
9 – Samsung UE49MU7000T

Landing on the ninth position in Best smart TVs is the Samsung UE49MU7000T.
While the MU7000 Series isn’t Samsung’s best TV series, it still is a sensible choice for smart TV with good picture quality and affordable price. The TV produces bright and colorful HDR pictures. The design overall is quite attractive and sleek. This TV certainly has a good value (cheaper than most A class Smart TVs). It doesn’t use the new QLED technology but it does have relatively high dynamic range. Some top features are that it is an Ultra HD TV with HDR 1000. And delivers very realistic color and contrast. Along with this, the picture quality is smooth and the pictures produced are vivid with Dynamic Crystal Colour and Supreme Motion.The overall design and build are long lasting and does not feel cheap at all.

View full Specs of Samsung UE49MU7000T here.
For prices and product reviews click on anyone below.

tcl roku 49-inch 49s405 - Best smart tvs in 2018 - which smart tv to buy - smart tv reviews - top 10 smart tvs - TrendMut
10 –
TCL Roku 49-inch 49S405

The TCL Roku 49S405 is quite inexpensive a and might be the only good choice out there for some people who want a sub 500$ smart TV. TCL Roku 49S405 includes the Roku TV features and has an overall decent picture quality. Although the 55S405 simply doesn’t compare with its more superior counterpart for TCL, the 55P607 which is P-Series 4K TV from TCL. It is still a good budget smart TV with nice contrast, and decent enough the brightness. The Roku 49S405 has a Decent 4K quality with basic HDR support. Its audio quality is better than expected at this price range. The lag time is quite short. Overall it is a great TV under 500$ price. And is a great choice for Gamers or streamers on a budget. For its price level, it delivers a good quality and offers high-dynamic range (HDR) support, decent sound, and Roku’s excellent smart TV platform. It is a more sensible choice for those who want to get a 4K smart TV at a fairly reasonable price.

For most gamers on a budget, this is the only option if you want to get one of the Best smart TVs out there at this price.

For prices and product reviews click on anyone below.



This concludes our list of the Best smart TVs you can buy in 2018.
This particular list was made keeping in mind the performance and price tag of individual TVs so that anyone on any budget can pick a Smart TV from one of these.
If you think we missed any please do comment down below.

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